The Top 20 Most Commented Authors on Steem | Authors with the most comments received!

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We have all heard of it! Commenting, engaging, feedback! That is the most important aspect for the Steem community and the social networks in general. On SteemFest this was once more confirmed with the presentation on communities. Engagement comes first, monetarization second.
@threespeak recently announced that they will curate authors with the most comments on their posts.

Comments and engagement matters.


Having in mind the importance of comments we should know which authors have the most comments on their posts on Steem.

Where all the discussion happens?

I have gathered the data on comments starting from September 1st till November 24th, extracted the posts with more comments, cleaned up a little, exclude some of the well known bots that do comments, and arranged the authors with the most comments starting from September.

Disclaimer: The data bellow is approximate and not absolutely correct!

Yes, a disclaimer must be made as the number of comments is not correct due to exclusion of some of the comments and post.
The ranking of the authors I believe is mostly accurate 😊. Did some manual check as well.

So here they are.

Authors with the largest numbers of comments received


Congrats on the authors above and if you want some recommendation who to follow here they are.

This is my first analysis of this type and it’s a bit rough. I find this topic quite interesting and will do more in the future that will be more refined and precise. Make it longer as well.

Interesting metric is comments per post per author. Will try to extract that one. The ranking is based on comments received. One can make a lot of posts and receive a few comments on each of them or make few posts and receive a lot of comments on those.

Maybe even introduce categories, so you can find where the debate is on your topic 😊.

Missing out the discussion on Steem!

Have you ever found your self to go back to a post just to see what the comments are?
I have.

Or sometimes go back to some posts that you have already read and see it has a tone of comments in meanwhile. You feel like you missed out the fun part :).

Steem as is at the moment is hard to find out where all the commenting is. I would like to have a tab next to trending with recent posts ranked by comments.

Maybe some of the tribe can implement this!

All the best


Thank you very much for this listing, which has really surprised me @dalz, but are you sure, the numbers are correct? At least @tattoodjay should be way in front of me ;)

Most of the names are well known members of The Curation and Engagement Leagues hosted by @abh12345 ... cool 😊

Hey .... thanks and congrats!
I belive it is corect with small amount of uncertantie becouse I exluded some of the posts with low numbers of comments.

Comments from beer, trendo, deranged, ttf, etc... also excluded ....

Enjoy the first place!

OK 🙂 thanks a lot again, and it's very good that you have excluded the !BEER and !DERANGED and the other comments 😉

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Hey @dalz, here is a little bit of BEER from @johannpiber for you. Enjoy it!

Damn? Little old me in the top 20? Who would have thought? You guys like me! You really really like me

Yep you were a familiar name on the list! Congrats.

Oops, I have been so surprised, that I even forgot to give you a !DERANGED !BEER for your effort to put this list together, which is well worth a $trdo too 😉

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Alles nur der @commentcoin schuld:-)

Great thing!

This list makes sense good job piecing it together.


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I'm surprised my blog didn't reach the top20.

Thanks for sharing the list, I do recognize allot of the names.

What's the time-frame? Is the post author included?

Need to see number of posts, number of comments, average comments per post :)

Hey @abh12345 :)

This one is a bit non polished but I wanted to put it out and I blieve its still a good indicator.

The method was as follows:

  • select the posts with more than 10 comments (depth > 10), this just to make it easier for work
  • timeframe 01.09.2019-24.11.2019
  • remove bots comments, a list of 10 or more
  • extract the author from the main post url
  • count by author and depth
  • manual check, I have excluded 5 authors from the top 20, since they were bots ...

Will try to improve on the next one, with more data and the data you mentioned above :)

Have fun :)

I think that if you want all the comments on an authors post which are not made by the author and are at X depth, you will need to find the number at level 1,2,3, etc, by joining the table back on itself.

I've just done this for level 1 (top level commentators) and it seems to work. Just tried for level 2 and the query, just for me and for the last 5 days, is still running :O

Wow .... 5 days ...true that the comments here include the authors comments as well

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