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RE: Childhood Memories...Need Your Help for my Store

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Characters I felt close to:
Velma (scooby-doo), the WonderTwins (superfriends), Princess Leia
Other favorites: Speedy Gonzalez, The Inspector (the French dude), Pink Panther

I didn't really have toys from these, though I would play with them at friends' houses. (Especially Star Wars.)

Age bracket, mid-40s.


A mystery machine would be cool to incorporate...hadn't even thought about that but always scooby-doo was one we watched all the time as kids.

Thanks for the feedback. Gives me some added perspective.

ooo, that would be - especially as another series that has come back for another generation!

I'm also a big Whovian, though I was only marginally into it as a child.

Never watched Dr Who...but it's on my list of ones that at some point I should give a try if for no other reason then I sell the merchandise.

Start with the restart (2004/Christopher Eccleston) - then you can always go back to the old ones if you like, but they were way behind in cinematography in those days - and it shows. (The DVDs are in my library - so check it out, you may not have to pay anything to get caught up.)

David Tennant is probably the best of the current series.

I use our library a lot...well my Wife does for me. It's amazing what we have available for free. We also have a ton of audiobooks that can be "checked out". It's great. Wanted to read "Profit First", but was being honest with myself and knew I wouldn't have time so we looked and sure enough it was there for free.

I'll keep in mind when to start. I have seen screen shots of old episodes and they look very B rate even for the time. So starting with 2004 era is probably a good idea.