Got my Phill comic, and a couple to spare

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It has been a bit of a wait, but today I finally got a delivery from @katharsisdrill in Denmark. I have been following the Phill From GCHQ comic since it debuted in the early days of Steem. As part one has ended it has been handsomely printed and bound.

These are really rather nice and remind me of my old comic annuals. They are all signed with one having a special inscription for me. This slightly yellow paper evokes a vintage book vibe.

If you have not read the comic they are all on-line, but I shall enjoy revisiting them in printed form. It is a surreal trip with some ancient gods making appearances and there are trips around the UK.

So why have I got three? Well, the postage from Denmark worked out expensive, so I thought I could get extras and pass them on to any UK fans when I met up with them. Of course there are less meet-ups going on this year, but if anyone wants one then get in touch and we can discuss terms. I am willing to accept payment in cryptocurrencies, including Hive.

There is a bonus in the form of signed prints of other works. I will include one with each book.


I already have this cool set of figurines from a previous fundraiser. I am not really a comic collector, but these have extra meaning since I have got to know their creator quite well.


The books joins my small collection of comics by Hive artists @arseniclullaby and @kommienezuspadt. I have another on the way soon.


We are promised further adventures of Phill at some point. I will have to save up for when those get printed.

Hive five!


So happy that they are now finally reaching their destination. I've also had some mails from other people in Britain which seems to have the most efficient postal service. The packages for France, Germany, Holland, USA, Norway and others... haven't arrived yet. I have learned a lot by doing this and hope to be able to give some better discount next time. Glad that you got yours!

I can understand it is not cheap to put something like this together, but it is real quality. I will see if anyone wants the other copies, but maybe they will gain in value over time :)

Yes, I am glad that I can at least send some high quality products. When I return to Copenhagen I will set up some wordpress webshop so I can sell things. This has been some good learning in that direction.

It must be very satisfying to see your work in print like this. I hope it can reach a wider audience.

Nothing beats printed version of books especially comics!

True. Difficult to sign an ebook.

Haha, that is pretty awesome! That is cool that you got some extra copies to give out to other members. I hope you get the chance to distribute them soon.

It is cool. On-line is all okay, but having something physical is special.

This is nice. Will definitely try to go through some of the comics online to see what it entails. Thanks.

Enjoy. I love having some comics on my feed. You can find a few in this community.

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