Almost Finished One Battle... An "I Thought It Would Be Zombies..." Preview

in #comicslast year (edited)

I know that last month I shared a couple preview shots of this particular double page spread from "I Thought It Would Be Zombies..." #1. But now it's moments away from the pencils and inks being completed, I just shared a quick look at it on Instagram and I figured I'd dredge it up over here on Steem again too!


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I tried working on this while rewatching the first couple seasons of Stranger Things but that plan failed miserably. Even having seen the episodes before, I simply couldn't have Stranger Things on in the background. I found myself paying way too much attention to it! So I've been rewarding myself with Netflix breaks between stints of working, as I also need to momentarily escape the heat of my poorly cooled studio room...

So, with much crappier TV shows on in the background, I set to work on this in earnest. Mind you, I haven't been working on it for a month straight, I do skip around a lot! But now I'm anxious to wrap this image up. I'm also very excited, but also apprehensive to slap some color on it. The setting sun, emanating magic, brilliantly backlighting Julie as she wails on a horde of goblins... can you picture it? I sure can! However, I'm not entirely sure I can translate that effect to the page well... but I'll give it a shot!

No matter what, this page has come a long way from the first preview I saved.


Other pages are following suit, and it's gradually starting to look like I might actually get a comic finished... Man, that'll be something...

-Bryan "the Imp" Imhoff

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Getting there sir!!!

This looks fantastic!

You are close to the end dear!. Almost there! a great page, I like how you create dialogues and action scenes.

Sup Dork?!? Enjoy the Upvote!!!

Her eyes seem a bit detached. Is there backstory for that?

Hmm... detached as in emotionally distant or detached as in physically not quite right on her head?

Almost as if she’s breaking the fourth wall and connecting with the reader, rather than fighting for her life. But if the back story is that she’s very powerful, maybe she could seem to be casually dealing with the minor annoyance of a pack of goblins.

Aha! Gotcha. I can kinda see the 4th wall break but that’s not intended. The read that this situation is a mere nuisance for her is spot on though! She also has a certain distaste for some of these fellow magical creatures as she feels their uncivilized behavior reflects poorly on her!

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