Don’t Be This Guy...

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I’ve had my shop for 11 years now and have worked in the industry for 2 1/2 decades. Today was a first...and I don’t have many of those days anymore as most assholes have already done asshole like things. So when new assholes come in and partake in brand new assholey like’s kinda a shocker.

About 30 minutes ago, some fucktard comes in and starts rummaging through my back issues. He yanks out about 30 issues of Iron Man from issue #14 up to issue #65. These are mostly high grade issues and range in sticker price from $30 bucks upwards to $100 with the majority around the $40-$45 dollar range.

Cuntface McGillacuddy then asks if my prices are set in stone. I tell him it depends on the items but said if he was bringing up that stack, I’d take care of him with a tasty discount. I was thinking somewhere in the 30-40% off range depending if he took the whole stack or started plucking shit out. We do 2 big sales a year where we offer 50% off back issues, so going up to 40% on a stack of stuff that would have totaled over a grand was totally ok with me.

I didn’t even get to state the numbers I was thinking because he then told me that he pays $4 bucks an issue at another shop up north. I told him I could go nowhere near that and that we were worlds apart. That he was better off getting them there.

Fuckface then insisted that my prices were outrageous and that he will just get them for $4 bucks each at the other shop. I just shook my head and said “great idea”. He actually said “outrageous” twice...that’s when I kindly told him that a stranger popping into a business and asking for 90%-96% off the price was outrageous.

We went back and forth for another minute with his smugness and entitlement just oozing out of his mouth and it took everything in me to not tell him to get the fuck out. This crackhead looking fuck did offer to put the books back but I just wanted him out of my store so I said that I got it and good day.

What a set of stones on this asshole. 90% plus discount expected...unreal.

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I think you need a weekly slot for a post titled

Don't be this guy

Is it me or have you had your fair share of buttheads this year?!

Lol. Great idea! I am going to see if I can do that. Sometimes we have a few of “those guys” in a short timeframe but sometimes it’s a relatively smooth week.

This is a goal I’m going to try to strive for though. Lol. Thx for the idea!

As for buttheads, they are always there...this year. Last year. Next year...

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“As for buttheads, they are always there...this year. Last year. Next year...” 🤣😂🤣😂 lol

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Friend of my girlfriend used to give tours of Hawaii. One of the tourists asked her "Is there water on the other side of this island?"

Did you mean sea? 😊😅😁😋

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Oh I believe it. Lol.

We are next to a bagel store in our plaza. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve had folks walk in...look around at the gazillion comics, toys, and statues for a few minutes...then ask “is this the bagel store?!?”

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You can never underestimate the power of customer stupidity - Retail and call centers have a unique ability to amplify it

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I think waiting tables and working retail should be something that everybody HAS to do...kinda like some countries do the ol’ mandatory military. Lol

Then and only then, so I think we have a chance to lower the % of douchers

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I think you're definitely on to something there. That should be the platform for your Presidential Campaign

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Blewitt 2020

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So glad I read your tags! 😂 Reminds me of old Wizard magazines. They always had good stuff hidden in the fine print.

Lolololol. It’s why I chose Steepshot as I could add some gems.

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This is why I no longer have a retail shop, to many morons that either know nothing about what they are talking about or just want to lowball you thinking you don't know the value of your merch.

I also love when they come in and tell us that “the other guy said...” when I know it’s complete horseshit. I just do not get the mindset of what this guy did. It’s absolutely unacceptable and yet, I had to grit my teeth, smile, and still be polite as he basically was a douche

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Why don’t you go and buy all issues from other shop?

And you can sell them what price you want?

Right?!? Because it’s total horseshit. Lol

It’s like when people come in to sell me some garbage and tell me “the other shop offered me $250 but if you want it, it’s yours for $100”. I’m always like “wow! We’ve known each other for 3 minutes and you are giving me that kind of a deal?!? Thanks!!!” Lol

People just tend to think us shop owners are stupid. Or maybe it’s just me that looks dumb...hmmmmmm.


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Wow... And I would have been worried that he might damage the books out of spite before storming out... Scary.

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Yeah I didn’t feel threatened in that way. Just more of his trying to score a deal and thinking I was a complete moron. The best part is I contacted the shop that he claims gives him those for 4 bucks and was told he’s full of shit. Of course. Lol

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Some people have no idea how business works. Why would you put those prices on things if you had little chance of getting them? Running a store cannot be cheap and real collectors will pay top dollar. I expect he will not be back.

The sad part is I was going to do between 30-40% off depending on what size of that stack he was going to take. It’s just so insulting that people think our shop is like a flea market. These same people would never go into a McDonalds or a WalMart and try to haggle on goods. So why is it acceptable here?!? Argh...

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I expect it's about daily turnover for you and losing a little profit is worth it to have a sale. Some people don't appreciate the overheads involved. He's just being a dick.

Sup Dork?!? Enjoy the Upvote!!!

I can go to my comic book store too and buy Iron Mans at $4 each....of course they're brand new and that's the cover price. That guy is a moron. Kudos for not getting a murder charge over it.

Oh...I was really livid. 90% plus discount he wanted...what a doucher

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You had something he wanted, he tried setting terms way to low. He walked away angry because he cannot afford your terms. He's the loser, your the winner. He has nothing, you have comics. And the world is filled with assholes.

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I just can’t believe the entitlement and smugness he carried. I’ve had people ask for big discounts before...never 90-96% off. That’s a first. Hope he dies soon.

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I wish him ass cancer on your behalf.

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Never let anyone put a price on your work! Amazing!

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