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I'm not entirely sure why, but here in Netherlands... Donald Duck is the all time favourite of the Disney group of characters. Not that lame arse goody two shows, Mickey Mouse...

After Christmas, we found ourselves as a family in Utrecht going to an end of year Disney on Ice event (post later about that!). Utrecht is one of the larger cities of Netherlands, but it has some really interesting shops that aren't big chain stores... It holds a bit of that student town appeal!

There are two stores that I always make time to visit when I'm working in the area... A comic book store and a really cool board games store. This was the first time that I was able to show them off to my family... And at least in the face of things, they seemed to enjoy them! Well, to be honest... I think my wife liked the board games store much much more than the comics...

I did promise to get my older girl something... And she ended up choosing this old stack of Donald Duck comics... An entire year's worth of single issues from 2001! At the moment, she is managing to devour one per night... She really is a bookworm... Once she is in the comic (or book...) she is in another world... You can't get her attention without tapping her on the head, or putting your face between her and the page!

I remember that I was also such a bookworm... These days, I don't read so much... It's nice to see if in my kids though, reading at this age is such an adventure and really broaden their knowledge at a time when they really should be learning as much as possible!

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That is awesome that your daughter is a bookworm and enjoys the comics. Thats how I manages to improve my reading when I was younger and learned how to write better as well. Great stuff and the best to you brother!

Thanks! Reading is the best thing ever... I love how they are just getting so excited about things that they discover! About Space and Volcanos recently...

What a great found ! I remember reading donald duck as a kid and loved it. Great to see your daughter is a bookworm, we need more people who are into books again :)

Yes... books and taking the time and concentration to read them is a fast disappearing skill!

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