Arsenic Lullaby - Demons and Disney disagree on politics?

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You gotta see this "news" item from the comic book industry...

FIRST AND FOREMOST....I need you to just ignore/forget/neuter/turn off whatever your opinion on anything political is. You have to do that or you will miss everything funny about this story. Just put whatever you think about anything to the side, it doesn't matter for the sake of this story and will only ruin the magic for you. Pretend you are an alien that just got dropped here for a week and so you couldn't care less what happens to the US or this entire planet.

If you can do're in for a treat.

The story is about a twitter rant was posted by one Oscar Saavedra (comic book illustrator) - towards one Tim Vigil (comic book illustrator).

Vigil tweets something pro Trump

and up jumps Saavedra with a giant screed full of profanity.

So far, business as usual on the internet, right?

BUT...not quite...

Here's excerpts from what was about FIVE pages of ranting--( and I will repeat here...throw out your political opinion on anything, because there's a really sweet payoff if you can just soak in how angry and surprised he is at Vigil's opinion...)

“I’m just now realizing that you’re a f****** trump supporter? Are you f****** serious, dude?” He adds, “How in f**** sake can an artist support that walking slag of excrement.”

" I honestly cannot believe a f***** artist is supporting this dumpster fire administration. You are “f****** ridiculous.”

He continues to attack Vigil and adds in Ethan Van Sciver as well, “You’re on the wrong side of history, dude. You, Van Sciver and all you nut jobs are f****** wrong. The Republican Party is the Meathead Party.”

“You’re a f****** immigrant, just like the rest of America. You’re all illegal here so supporting a monument of hate on the border is f****** retarded.”

"what a let down that you support this walking abortion in the white house."

Those where excerpts from a LOooOOoong rant, but you get the jist of it.'s the comedy of it all, that people seem to have missed because they are too busy taking one side or the other...

Saavedra draws Disney cartoons and Tim Vigil draws a comic called Faust. You know what I draw, so you can imagine the kinds of comics that come my way. Faust is the most graphic, violently horrific, and sexually graphic comic book I have EVER seen. EVER. It is about a psychotic vigilante and a Satanic Cult and Demons, and the Devil. If is full of horrific XXX material. There are graphic rape scenes, graphic sexual scenes in which women have intercourse with demonic beasts , graphic violence the likes of which have NEVER been seen in any other medium.


The other guy draws Disney cartoons.

OS2 (1).jpg

...What in the blue hell do these two guys have to do with each other AT ALL?! and why in the blue hell would either of them assume they agreed on ANYTHING...I mean AN-EE-THING. Even their art styles are so vastly different that I'd be shocked if they used the same type of paper.

I've met Vigil a handful of times, probably talked to him for a grand total of five minutes, but even if I never actually saw him in my life, I would be able to guess that the guy isn't the type to give a fck if the President said "grab them by the pssy". and yet this Saavedra fella is completely blown away that Vigil has a different opinion than he does. So blown away that he fires off a five page profanity riddled screed! LOL...and by the way, he ends up tweeting this later-

“I usually don’t go off like that Tim, so I’ll apologize for my colorful vernacular but my view is still the same.”

That's a fine apology for the cursing but...I doubt Vigil got the vapers and clutched his pearl necklace if he saw that you used curse words. Faust is every curse word you can think of intertwined with graphic sexual acts.


Yeah, best apologize to that guy for using bad words....hahahaha

Some people in this country have lost their minds. Maybe it's different for me, because I live in a "battle ground state" and am a libertarian, and thus go through life knowing that I'll will pretty much think anyone I talk to about politics is full of crap, but for a grown ass man to loose his sht because come guy who draws comic books is 180degress off from him in his political beliefs is in- fcking - sane.

It's insane to lose your sh*t because you see that someone is the polar opposite of what you hold dear, and it is insane to give a fck what the guy who drew FAUST thinks about politics and it is insane to assume that YOU a guy who draws Bugs Bunny will be in lock step thinking with a guy who draws a XXX horror comic book. and what the fuq do you care?! and why should anyone care what he OR you thinks?!!!!

"Hmmm, this certainly is a strange news story, not sure where I stand on this...I think I'll check in and see what the guy who drew Bugs Bunny last year thinks" hahahahah for f*cks sake.

Or even better " I think I'll check and see what that guy who drew a giant horned demon f*cking a girl in a satanic ritual, thinks"


At least your average person on Facebook who blathers out their opinion probably has a normal job, and deals with other people every day. These are two comic book illustrators who, by definition of their job, spend 40 plus hours ALONE starting at a piece of paper, drawing out imaginary sh*t!


I can't stress guy draws this-


The other guy draws this-


We're not just talking about different genres and art styles here...that picture up there is a woman getting birthed out of a giant demon's giant vagina.

This is like the guy who wrote the theme to the smurfs stunned that he disagrees with the lead singer of Slayer.

There's apparently some line drawn in the sand in the comic book industry politically because of something called "comicgate" or some sh*t. I don't even know what it's about and I don't care. Why should I care what some comic book writers or illustrators think about politics or even better why should I care about the opinions of people who DO care what they think. Their job is to live in a make believe world, full time.

Get a f*cking grip out their, would ya?!

Saavedra also insinuated he was going to cancel Vigil:

"I gotta f****** jettison your ass into the digital abyss dude, I totally had every f****** issue of Faust, poured over every page."

Uhm... you draw Bugs might NOT want publishers or the readers or parents of your readers, to know that you "poured over" pages of a comic book with graphic rape scenes in it! Hahahaha! Numbskull.

This is too much. You can't make this stuff up.

The guy who draws THIS...

OS2 (2).jpg


Is shocked to his core that he doesn't share the same values with the guys who draws THIS...



...if you're at Thanksgiving diner and out of the blue you're twin brother mentions his opinion of gay marriage and it 180 degrees different than yours, that'd be a bit weird...but getting floored by this? That's loony .

And hes makes a point to say that he's shocked that Vigil supports Trump even though he's an artist. Hey...Saavedra...Pablo Picasso and Hitler were both artists, I doubt they'd agree on much. Being good at drawing don't mean anything except you are good at drawing.

The idea that these two even exist in the same industry in the same era is blowing my mind, much less that one of the two is shocked that they don't share an opinion on politics.

There's three possibilities I came up for why Saavedra was so upended by the two of them not agreeing on Trump.

1-He's insane

2-he has been living in a cave and hasn't gone ANYWHERE social media AT ALL, for the last three and a half years.

3-( and the romantic in me likes to think this is what happened)He was just getting bombarded by hearing about Trump all day long, everywhere he went on the internet and said to himself " F*ck man, I can't take hearing about this guy anymore..I gotta...I gotta find some refuge...I'll go to Tim Vigils twitter, calm down a bit, look at some demons having sex." and then see Vigil talking about Trump and just snaps. hahahahaha

To everyone else...take a step back. Do what I do...just assume everyone disagrees with you, everyone is going to disappoint you with their opinions and that anyone who is the top of their field in a creative industry is an asshole in some way or another. Just assume that. Bill Cosby turned out to be a psychopath, that nipped in the bud for me any illusion of ever being able to like a creative genius as a human being. I just accept it and enjoy the work under the notion that- at least they are contributing some good to the word.

Let's say you're Jewish and you find out that Monty Python are all anti Semitic shtbags...meh, too bad, they made you laugh whether they like it or not. Beethoven by most accounts was a total piece of sht and anti Semitic...that ain't gonna stop me from enjoying his 5th symphony. Who he is, is disposable as far as I'm is short, I find things that I like...enjoy them and if the person who made it is a bag of sh*t, what's it to me? I'm not picking them up at the airport or letting him stay at my house.

The world we live in is not such that we don't get to decide who creates what benefit, if some Grand Wizard of the KKK ends up coming up with the cure for Ebola...are we to NOT give it to the citizens of the Congo because the guy was a racist?? Let the assholes do whatever good they do...take it...use it...and leave them be in their anger or bitterness or crackpot theories. Do you give a F8ck what the beliefs of your electrician are? or do you just want them to fix your fuse box and go away? Well...same thing with creative types. Just enjoy their work and don't concern yourself with what kind of person they are on the inside...because they are probably awful. If we stopped taking the benefits of the little bits off good that awful people managed to make, we'd all be living in caves..caves that didn't even have drawings of buffalo on them.

It's like this, you got your assholes who are really good at something that brings joy to the can let them contribute and just accept that that is the ONLY thing they are worth, or not let them and lose that joy and have a bunch of frustrated assholes with too much time on their hands. You like that option? You remember how I said Hitler was an artist? If only he'd have just stuck with that.

Here's where I personally draw the line, Bill Cosby. If the creative genius has crossed into actually harming his fellow man, then fck them and their work. BUT if they're just a loon, bigot, crackpot...then I will take the benefits of what they do but turn my back on them as a human being. I'm a big fan of Florence and the Machine, if I found out she was a holocaust denier, was against interracial marriage and hates gays...what would I give a fck? Just walk up the the microphone and sing lady, that's as much interest as I have in her. It's like...are you people looking for entertainers of best friends?!

You think you're going to find some creative genius who's not an a-hole in some way? good luck! We all thought Bill Cosby was a clean as a whistle, turned out he was raping people for 40 years. So...even if you find one that says everything you want to hear, you have no reason to believe they're not a piece of garbage.

Oscar and Vigil have opinions on the president...what do we care? They ain't changing anyone's mind, they don't get to vote twice because a bunch of people bought their comic books.

Anyways...speaking of creative geniuses who are also a-holes, I've got work to do.


Oh, on a side note...the depressing thing about this story for me was it reminded me that Tim Vigil is out there. I talked to him once like...ten years ago, asked him how long it took him to draw a page. He said " about 10-15 hours". At the time I was startled that he was spending so much time on each page. Now a days I think of that and think..."IT ONLY TOOK HIM 15 HOURS TO DRAW THIS??"


FFS, It took me 15 hours just to draw this-


my own website with more of my work is here

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Alright, so this is the real question: is Faust worth starting, story-wise? haha

But, for real, that's probably the best advice to give about most creative types. We're a bunch of fucking weirdos, stunted by lack of socialization. Even if we were outgoing before our careers got legs, we now have to basically stay in a hole for most of our waking lives, peering out at the rest of the world from between the blinds. And I love how you said 40 hours a week. Like we get those sweet 9-5 shifts anymore.

yeah...I was trying to keep things relatable by saying 40hrs. lol

lol. 60 to entire life makes us sound like we're violent criminals, doesn't it?

”These are two comic book illustrators who, by definition of their job, spend 40 plus hours ALONE starting at a piece of paper, drawing out imaginary sht!”*

The world of #comics is definitely very strange....... 😉

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Wait, so you are saying all Trump supporters are demon loving perverts and all Trump haters are wholesome Disney types? ;)

XD these examples my be outliers

  ·  5 months ago (edited)

There are plenty of great artists who were really shitty people. Can we enjoy their work whilst hating their opinions? Some will avoid expressing those opinions to not lose fans. Scott Adams is also a Trump fan, but a lot of Dilbert readers won't know that unless they look at his blog. I bet there are Disney people who like him too. Personally I think Trump is dangerous and dumb.

BTW I'd not seen the Faust stuff before. I guess there's a market for it.

I can enjoy peoples work and ignore their's pretty easy actually. Much like I don't care what a plumber thinks about how I should seal my asphalt driveway, or what a cardiologist thinks about my leaking roof...what do I gaf what some actor/writer/musician/artist/model thinks about politics? I don't care at all. I'd be an idiot to let it matter to me.

Faust has a market because Vigil is skilled beyond most mere mortals at illustration. I guess/hope that the horrific content is only a small part of the appeal...I choose to hope that.

He can certainly draw.

BTW I've heard Hitler was a mediocre artist.

Have a !BEER

He wasn't great, but he hadn't invested much time developing that skill set. The paintings he did that I've seen were pretty good, they were all landscapes and such. He should have stuck to painting. If any of you get a time machine, go back and really encourage him about his art...or y'know...stab him in the neck...either one.

HAHAHA! What a story. I can enjoy the Cosby show without any problems, read Ezra Pound and Knut Hamsun and enjoy Caravaggio, Liberatore and Crumb, but it seems one of the oldest truths: The art and the artist is two different things, just constantly is getting forgotten.

On a side note it is Interesting that Trump so easily can contain both puritan Christians and this Virgil dude. I better check this Faust! I love that kind of stuff.