Arsenic Lullaby- Comics Halloween Exclusive

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Before I forget and post this is a steemit exclusive!

A 6page story from Arsenic Lullaby, with a demon who gets a job haunting Ouija boards...this has never before been seen online in full color.

OH...also to the dimwits who run steemit. I don't take kindly to insults. and your use of the "featured" status to promote mind numbing crypto jibberish/news that only the smallest micro sliver of a point of the population gives a fuck about, instead of showing of the wealth of content on steemit provided by the artists, comedians, musicians, photographers, and writers is an insult to all of us. is moronic. New people come get ONE chance to make first impression...they see "featured posts" and it is, without fail since it's fucking inception, going to show them posts about crypto bullshit that they do not know or gaf about, they assume that is the focus of the platform and they leave...never to return. stupid. It is stupid financially.

Anyways...below is your exclusive content provided to steemit by me -Internationally multi award nominated writer and illustrator who is know for his work in Mad Magazine, The Tick, Valiant Ent. and COMEDY CENTRAL.

I apologize for the interruption of crypto nerd jerk off blogs, with content that normal humans beings might like.








...that's just good stuff.

Currently working on another short story that is Halloween-ish AND...decided to do one or both of these rough drafts I accidentally came up with featuring a character from a long lost black and white horror movie "London After Midnight"






I'll show you how those turn out as we close in on Halloween!

ALSO...I'm telling you right now, If you like seeing my posts, sign up for me email updates, because the dumb jackasses who run steemit have about one last time of pissing me off before you don't see me around here anymore.

Just know that everything I do here and more gets email out to my readers who sign up for my weekly emails. that link is below


my own website with more of my work is here


Sort: is moronic. New people come get ONE chance to make first impression...they see "featured posts" and it is, without fail since it's fucking inception, going to show them posts about crypto bullshit that they do not know or gaf about, they assume that is the focus of the platform and they leave...never to return. stupid. It is stupid financially.

And that’s why no one (but us already here) gives a fuck about Steem.

I’ve said it plenty of times.

Not only that, but when Dapps like @appics make genuine efforts in bringing new users they are received by a bunch of spoiled brats claiming they are “scamming” the Steem blockchain. WTF. No wonder new people last here the time a fart lasts in a hammock.

I loved the comic, by the way, just followed you!.

Thanks! Yeah...this place can't seem to get out of it's own way. It's a real shame

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I appreciate it! Thanks!

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awesome thanks a ton!!

Hello Hello!

What an interesting publication on this subject, it is very striking and curious :)

Greetings from Venezuela!

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it. more to come!

I think I saw a version of this before, but enjoyed it anyway. The kid in the wheelchair is very chilling. I really hope you do stick around. Steem/Steemit is still pretty small, so there is a chance to build up something. I still think the comic people here should club together. I know some are promoting Steem at comic events. Where else can you put a comic online and immediately earn something? Okay, so it's only a few dollars right now, but if the Steem price should increase that value will increase. this point, would I lift a finger to promote steemit? Honestly? When people I bring here are just going to be deluged with crypto talk?...on a platform that continues to make itself more confusing to use every few months? The "content" they continue to give the spotlight here being, without fail, cryptotalk instead of exclusive entertaining content has become a bridge too far for me. The people running this platform have made it very clear they are more interested in the menusia of crypto creation than anything us creatives are doing.

You have to look beyond Steemit the company who have their own agenda. The platform is open for anyone to exploit. Build something around this that does highlight creative works Just have to use the #creativecoin tag. Send people there instead of Steemit

But isn't there some new offshoot like this every three months or so? Seems to me there is...which just ends up being someone fighting over slices of the shrinking pie that is steemit, more that it is a legitimate rival of any of the main social media sites.
With all the mistakes and bad press Zuck has been making...FB should have been picked clean by now by some alt tech site. order for that to happen, an alt tech site would have to actually focus on what it does as an alt tech social media site, rather than jerk itself off about being a different shade of grey of the medium grey of other crypto block chain stuff.
...I'm kinda tired right now, am I communicating my point?
The bottom line is..I have my own brand to grow and protect. If steemit inc can't get their shit together I sure as fuck ain't using my credibility as a content maker to ask anyone to come here.
I and MANY others are already giving steemit all the firepower it could ask for to build itself via high quality content. If they are too stupid to use it...that's not my problem. I'm more than happy turning thier users into my fans before they move on from steemit.

Steemit have their own goals, but they have given us an open platform that anyone can exploit. Different groups have set up these 'tribe' sites for whatever they are into independent of Steemit Inc. I think SMTs are supposed to be a better version of this as they make the tokens properly decentralised.

I really need appreciate that you have stuck around. I wish Steemit would use their influence to diversify the users. Maybe people will push more for this at Steemfest, but it needs interest groups to form and organise. There's some of this going on around comics with @blewitt and @bryan-imhoff. It's still a small platform really and we have to find those willing to get involved before it takes off.

I'm not sure if they will see this, but @andrarchy and @elipowell need to look beyond the crypto world. They are not saying much.

I need to get back into music on Steem as there's lots of potential there.

Yeah...I've got stuff to say about the colossal waste of time and energy that was creating SMT's....they are the answer to a question that no one asked.
If they'd have spent HALF that time promoting steemit itself steem might be above .25 again.
Blewitt and Bryan are doing good work and really giving it a go...the problem is that Steemit inc has it's head so far up it's crypto ass that these tow guys have to suceed IN SPITE of the machinations of the very site they are trying to promote---Like I said, new people come here, see the "featured posts" assume this is a site for crypto stuff that they don't understand nor care too and then never come back. IMAGINE for a moment that steemit inc was actually run by someone who wanted to grow it and new people who came here say "featured posts" featuring comic, music, art, comedy...or ANYTHING THAT A REGULAR HUMAN BEING MIGHT BE ENTERTAINED BY.


Crypto is their business, but they give us the means to build a system to promote whatever we want. Get the new people to look at the alternative sites and say Steemit is not that relevant. Steempeak is a much better way to use Steem anyway.

hahahaha I've laughed a lot with your comics. Thank you for this pleasant moment. Regards @arseniclullaby

You're quite welcome, and thanks!

Sup Dork?!? Enjoy the Upvote!!! Keep up with the dorky content for more love!!!