Colorchallenge Thursday Green: Close Encounter With a Neighborhood Visitor!

in colorchallenge •  8 months ago 

Here's today's entry for the popular #colorchallenge photo contest, originally started by @kalemandra, and which seems to have grown into one of Steemit's most popular photo activities and mass participation challenges.

Today's theme is "Thursday Green." Green is the color of life; green gives us life. Green is also the color traditionally associated the Heart Chakra.


Since this happened "in the green," I would say it still qualifies for today's colorchallenge. It's not the world's greatest photo, but we were out on a walk in the neighborhood and suddenly this deer was right in front of us!

It was no more than maybe 15 feet away, and all I had was my phone so I got this quick shot off before it moved on into the bushes. Definitely a "Close encounter of the NATURAL kind!"

Have a beautiful day!

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