CZ Assures Independence For Coinmarketcap

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The news of the acquisition of Coinmarketcap by Binance sent shockwaves throughout the crypto industry.

These entities are possibly two of the largest names. Binace is the biggest exchange while Coinmarketcap is the largest data aggregator. The combination of these does not instill confidence in many members of the community.


In response to some of the outcries, CZ placed assurances that these two entities would run independently.


Is he to be believed?

CZ and Binance was mired in the Steem controversy where custodial tokens were used to alter governance on the Steem blockchain. IT is asserted that his close relationship with Justin Sun helped Sun to take control of the Witnesses, rolling back a softfork the community put in place.

Coingecko has emerged as a powerful alternative to This is site that many in the crypto world already use. They not only have price feeds but also provide links to relevant stories as well as putting together industry pertinent reports.

Furthering suspicion is the fact that Coinmarketcap founder, known as alias Brandon Chez, is stepping down and will act in an advisory capacity.

Carylyne Chan will serve as Interim CEO.

At this point, it is important that the crypto community do all it can to promote the idea of decentralization. This starts with us each using alternatives to those entities that are merging together.

As the situation with Steem showed, community has a lot of power.


Yeah probably going to delist HIVE from CMC! lol

CZ Assures Independence For Coinmarketcap

Hmm. This sounds familiar.

As the situation with Steem showed, community has a lot of power.

What power exactly? The ratios may have changed yet Blocktrades and Freedom are said to hold 7% of the HIVE stake with the V.22.2 Cabal's witness to witness voting circle jerk ensuring their control. Looks a lot like the old STEEM to me. DPoS governance has proven to be a failure in my opinion. Not even witness voting retention was dealt with in the new fotk. The cabal decided, instead, to play Santa Claus with their airdrop; dictating who was naughty and who was nice.

Is it just me that finds it ironic that Blocktrades runs an exchange of sorts?

Since I heard the news, I will only use CoinGecko from now on!

I saw this on a crypto instagram news and thought it was an april fools.