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One of my favourite strategy is to short volatility in the market but this strategy requires some of your capital until the volatility dies down and only play with care.

VXX is basically a derivative of VIX future (recent months) which usually trade as contango. Recently, due to a very high volatility in the market, it actually trades in backwardation but the generate strategy is the same. To short the VXX. why? Because VIX is to measure the expectation of the recent market movement and the market could not go +10/-10% every single day. Market will return calm eventually. The upside to VIX is also limited due to the mathematically feature. But no one knowes how long it will stay at this level. So make sure you calculate how much capital you have before placing such trade.

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ved my airdrop even not on the blacklisted list. same happening to you guys?

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VXX is gambling but profits can be made. Try leveraging it for extra fun!

no leveraging. the only goal is to wait when volatility die down. But capital management is the real key

Buy the inverse while you wait ;)