Rudolf Löw, Ich dir schon durch deinen Sohn

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The Sächsische Landes- und Universitätsbibliothek in Dresden posesses a manuscript of 12 organ compositions by the hand of Rudolf Löw (1832 - 1898), a Swiss organist and composer. It is his opus 1, which he dedicated to his teacher Carl Ferdinand Becker.

The prelude to "Ich dank dir schon durch deinen Sohn" is the last of the three preludes suitable for the Christmas period. It is setup as a fughetta on the first phrase of the choral melody. As such, it is so thoroughly Baroque in conception and realisation, that I could not play it in any other manner than as a Baroque composition.

The recording was done with the Hauptwerk software and the sampleset, made by Voxus, of the Matthijs van Deventer-orgel in the Grote Kerk, Nijkerk (


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