Gaël Liardon, Sonate en trio, mvt II

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Gaël Liardon (18 December 1973 – 21 October 2018) was a Swiss classical keyboard player, composer and academic.

In his short live he wrote many work for organ. These beautiful works are characterized by stylistic purity, clear voice guidance and musical simplicity. Liardon died at the age of only 44, but remains alive in his music.

His music can be downloaded from IMSLP, but also at his own website: Not al his works are available on imslp so his own website is worth a visite.

One of these works is his (unfinished) Triosonata in g major. I posted the first part yesterday ( Today I performed and recorded the second movement.

The second movement is a moving piece in 6/8 meter. The inspiration for this movement was likely the second movement of Bach's first triosonate. I like the way in which Liardon keeps the sequences short and yhus maintains the musical suspense.

Really a great work. It's sad we'll never know how Liardon intended to finish this "Sonate en trio". But I am grateful for the two movements that he did finish before his untimely death.