“Guess the Melody” contest #13. Prize: music + 500 CCC + 5 Hive

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Hello and welcome to “Guess the Melody” contest.


(image source - Pixabay. Thanks to Radfotosonn)

I (an amateur musician) will run “Guess the Melody” contest in collaboration with my sister (professional musician).
Each week I’ll publish a post with video/audio with some quite famous musical compositions (classical, jazz etc.) played and recorded by my sister.

Introduction post for this contest can be found here.

Video is the clue for you to guess a riddle (the name of the composition in this case).


1/ promote some musical masterpieces;
2/ have fun;
3/ train brain/memory;

Even though this contest is called “Guess the Melody”, I hope it’ll be more about making conscious choice, rather that random guessing.

I hope you will enjoy this contest (just like me) and consider those 500 CCC + 5 Hive as a bonus.



I’m planning to run this contest every week.
So, you should expect to see the 14th task/riddle on Sunday, September 13, 20:00 ± 15 minutes UTC.

-> https://time.is/UTC
(UTC / Universal Time Coordinated / Coordinated Universal Time / Universal Time / Greenwich Mean Time)

This contest lasts for 6 days.

Leave your guess (1 guess only; the name of the composition (and you can add the author if you want)) in the comments section of this post.

Don’t edit your comment/reply, don't delete or add new comments/replies with the answers and don’t provide any evidence that your answer is correct.

The first user with correct answer is the winner.

The winner will be announced (and the monetary prize will be transferred) on the 6th day, 20:00 ± 15 minutes UTC. I'll update this post and provide the answer at the end of the "Riddle" section.

If there's no correct answers provided by the users, then 500 CCC + 5 Hive will be distributed equally among all participants with guesses.


This is the work in progress.
A lot can be changed in the future.
Feel free to leave your recommendations/suggestions.

(image source - Pixabay. Thanks to TheDigitalArtist)


Edited because @ritch is right. Was thinking about Elvis Presley but "Aura Lea" was first. Shame i didn't know about it. :)

yeah, it's amazing.
just like you, I (and my sister) was sure that it's Elvis Presley.
but the comment of ritch enlightened us all.

thanks for your interest )

Aura Lea (1861)

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thanks for your support and all your work for Hive )

I guess the melody is "Aura Lea" 🤗.


yeah, it's amazing.
just like angatt, I (and my sister) was sure that it's Elvis Presley.
but your comment enlightened us all.

sent the bonus


thank you !! )

Aura Lea (1861)

Thanks for the bonus @alexbiojs, it's a great song. I love it.