I joined the Civic (CVC) waitlist for their wallet | Why?

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Today I discovered that Civic (CVC) which is ranked 118 on coinmarketcap is running something like a contest.

They are launching their new wallet in the upcoming weeks so they want to create a lot of hype about it with huge rewards.

civic-wallet-rewards-tiers (1).pngsource

It works like that. You have to register yourself in waitlist. After verifying your e-mail you will receive a referral link. The first 500 people with the most referrals will receive 25,000 CVC worth at the moment $1,000.

The first 5,000 people with the most referrals will receive 5,000 CVC and so on as you see in the picture above.

This seems too good to be true but as you can see Civic is already a big company and of course it will take time until we will be able to cashout the CVC received as a prize.

Here you can join the waitlist with my referral link.

Here you can check the Full FAQS about it.

Let me know what you think about it, thanks for reading!

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Signed up for ya but I can’t participate! Damn USA haha

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