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Hello everyone, this is quite my first time posting through the cinetv front end. It feels great exploring into other communities. So, today I would be writing down a little review of the MAGIC CAMP.

While scrolling through my collection of movies, I came across this 2020 movie and I decided to check it out. At first, I was looking for a action type of movie but the magic in it name drew me into checking it which is because I love supernatural and magical movies as well. Okay, If you haven't watched this movie, there might be a little spoiler in here.

This movie is a comedy movie but at the same time quite emotional for me. My eyes got watery but I didn't cry though. It is the type of movie you can watch with the whole family or group of friends and enjoy the feel it gives. Definitely, you should watch in a dark room with popcorn and coke to enjoy it the more.

The plot of the movie is about a little young boy Theo Moses who has a thing for magic, which I can say he got from his late father. Theo has always felt more connected to his father than anyone and since the passing of his dad, he wasn't so much sure of the magic he has in him.

So the movie started with Theo getting an invitation to Institute of Magic for Summer break which he thinks his dad applied for before his passing. Since magic is something Theo likes, he decided to give it a try.

Andy Tukerman

Now there comes the character Andy Tuckerman (acted by Adam DeVine) who used to be a student of the The Institute of Magic and a 3 times winner of what they call the golden wand. The golden wand is a prize given to the best performing magician at the end of the summer.

Jeffery Tambon

Andy now works as a taxi driver and refuses to perform magic but secretly does petty magic tricks. He was invited to come train the new incoming children that would be coming into the Institute by the Director of the Institute; Roy Preston (character acted by Jeffery Tambon).

Kristina Darkwood

There comes the all famous Kristina Darkwood acted by Gillian Jacobs. Kristin is the magic star of the movie and loved by most of the kids. She used to be the assistant of Andy Tuckerman, and somehow were seen as a couple, until a issue drove between them. I am not gonna say, go watch it.


The interesting thing about this movie is how the new children intake developed their magical skills from zero to wow. It was very frustrating for Andy at first and he was about giving up on the kids because of their zero skills until he saw Theo performing a very skillful card trick in private. Theo is someone who has stage fright and afraid to show the stuff his talent. I bet you know how stage fright feels.

Another interesting part of the movie is how they accept their flaws and fears. My eyes got a little wet when Theo was talking about his connection with his father and his death. This is something he doesn't like talking about but this time, he was sharing it with the whole team.

The part I love the most about this movie is the ending part which game me a lot of goosebumps; it was the part where Theo was performing his magic trick. It wasn't just a magic trick but a trick that expressed love. It made the environment magical and even the whole audience and backstage artist came up all close to Theo as he expressed his magic through his words and card tricks.

Okay, I have tried so hard not to give out any spoiler but if you want to really know how the movie went, my advice is that you should go watch the movie. In fact, make sure you don't watch it alone. Call your friends and family together to watch the movie to better enjoy it.

Thanks so much if you read all through to this point. It is well appreciated.

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Wow. A 2020 Disney movie featuring Gillian Jacobs? And I haven't even heard of it? This is so strange. Usually Disney markets things hard.

Thanks for the interesting review while avoiding spoilers, much appreciated! 🙏

Yeah maybe it was the corona that didn't make this go round.

Seems you are quite enthusiastic to movies. Do you have any one to recommend me to watch. I love action, sci-fic and supernatural movies.

I really appreciate you coming by my blog. Thank you

Yes, great point!

And I love movies, here's a few recommendations...

Underrated sci-fi action: Equilibrium (ignore the plotholes.)

Semi-popular dark supernatural: The Ring

Underrated light supernatural: Stardust

Thank you too!

Great movie recommendation bro... would check it out... thanks again...


I am so putting this in my list of To watch movies lol.
I am also crazy about movies with special abilities, superpowers, and the rest.
Just last week I watched a movie *Magic Academy
I have been watching anything magic these days lol.
It's nice to know you explored other communities

Smile... I think I should go watch Magic Academy also and write a review about it.... You should watch this movie, It is very dope.

of course, I will. I wasn't kidding. When I say I will.
Lately, I have been watching anything magic 😂🤣
I watched Magic Door recently too
Just the word MAGIC and you have me there😂😂🤭

Smiles... I have some magic movies on my phone. I would try watch them and give a review on them. Maybe you may like them too. You should make movie reviews also. Seems you watch movies more than I do.

Hahahahhaha. I am not good when it comes to reviewing movies actually. That's why I have never thought of doing that.

Same here, I am never good. I am just giving it a try.


Just looking at the picture I am tempted to see this movie

I want to see the ending so badly as Theo combines his magical skills to bring something as powerful as love to the surface

I hope I don't teary as you were...hehhehehe

And yes, I love watching movies in a dark room with lots of snacks even if it is not popcorn. But I hate watching with people because they tend to interrupt me with their explanations (especially if it someone who has seen the movie sucks...hehhehhehe)

Nice try. I will look up for this movie. It promises to be filled with fun, intrigues, and educative.

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Yeah, I get you. You would definitely not want to watch the movie with me because I would spoil all the fun for you.

Smiles... You may get teary the way I see it.

You would definitely not want to watch the movie with me because I would spoil all the fun for you.

Ha....if that is the case, remind me to not see a movie with you ooooooo......hhahahhaa

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I am going straight to my video downloader to get this movie immediately.

Magic? I love that part in movies and I love the actor that starred as Theo, I always love to see his movies.

I must commend you for a job well done in the movie review, it's kinda more than a review actually.

I feel like I've seen the movie already but that feeling of holding popcorn in the dark seeing everything first hand on a TV is what I want 😋

Thanks for the recommendation, nice one 👍

I hope you must have downloaded it by now.

I like supernatural with a tint of comedy, but these many children in the movie isn't really feeling pleasant to me but then I'll check it out.

Yeah, you would love it... hope you check it out.

I think I am gonna try the movie. Guess I am missing something out