Which Side of the Vaccine Information War Are You On

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In a recently published opinion piece, The New York Times all but declared war against Americans who question the safety of vaccines. Of course, the war being waged is – for the moment – a war of words, an Information War.

Source: https://www.thelastamericanvagabond.com/health/which-side-vaccine-information-war-are-you-on/

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No crazy vaccinations for me. My immune system works.

Yup. Most people have a working immune system. It usually comes with the right nutrition, healthy habits, etc. etc. No injection with poison will make that any better.

I can say people are making a fortune.. one top of a fortune..

and that I wouldn't trust anything this man says..

Same here! I never even trusted his Microsoft products, let alone something that has to go into my body or that of my children. No way!

Look what we did Peeps!This is All US!!
This morning,Moderna was up 39% and rising on the news of its “successful” COVID vaccine trials. All 5 networks were parroting Moderna’s claim that it’s fast track clinical trial was a triumph. Then our Instagram exposed the entire canard as smoke and mirrors;the shocking 20% “serious” injury rate (medical intervention or hospitalization required)among the extremely healthy volunteers in the high dose group means the vaccine is DOA. Worse yet,the vaccine appears to trigger production of the kind of “binding antibodies”that presage the “pathogenic priming” that caused deaths and severe injuries among animals and children in earlier tests of experimental Coronavirus vaccines. Following the release of our analysis,alert Wall Street. speculators shorted Moderna’s stock and investors began selling off. Savants realized that Moderna’s biggest inside investor had been dumping shares all week. Moments ago,former SEC Lawyer Jacob Frankel appeared on CNBC calling for a criminal investigation and possible trading suspension. The sell off has forced Moderna’s embarrassed media boosters(CNN)to reassess their sunny credulity at the clinical trials. In earlier times,a dangerous vaccine like this would have sailed through HHS’s corrupt approval process. CDC would have reflexively mandated it for 75 million children. For the first time the public is watching how the sausage gets made. This experience gives me hope that we can kill these boondoggle vaccines the way one expells cockaroaches-with sunlight. We might even succeed in training the press to do their own research and recognize fraud before they are once again gulled and humiliated by Fauci and his crooked cronies.




Don't use instagram myself, so not sure how to find this text within it, but this was posted to me, and found evidence it is all true.

peace, love, joy - > seed happiness

I am not brainwashed.I think critically and I know that this whole thing is bullshit. I own my body and no one is putting anything in it. I know that getting vaccinated for flu makes you 37% more susceptible to getting cv - screw them - they will have to kill me before I follow their slave rules.

This isn't a political struggle, the left against the right.

The proposed mandatory vaccine is intended to alter human DNA. They are making claims the changes are to improve our immune system, because ordinary vaccines against coronaviruses make the diseases worse, so they need to use a different kind of vaccine.

So, altering our DNA can actually change other things than our immune system, too. Like our intelligence, or our willingness to be enslaved, or anything at all. The right to change our DNA is the right to make us into any kind of animal they want, that is nothing more than property.

This isn't a battle over whether collectivists gain power, or anarchists. It's a battle to remain human.

We either have the right to be the human being God (or nature) made us, or we're just property. They state we're property when they state we don't have the right to not be altered genetically. Either it doesn't matter if they change our DNA so we want nothing more than be serfs and prostitutes, because we don't have any human rights to violate, or there is no justification whatsoever to forcibly inject us with anything, because we have the right to be human beings as we were born.

That's the issue.