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RE: Its December = Its Christmas

in #christmas10 months ago

I have to agree that Christmas feeling begin at the beginning of December and not a moment before! Those who get all "Christmassy" in November of or even October need to just cool off haha!

It has really snuck up though and this year has flown by!

Hope you have a good warm up to Xmas, but not wishing you one yet, it's still 3.5 weeks away haha


it has indeed snuck up on us this year. I can't believe the year is nearly over. The older you are the faster the years go. Dohhhhhh my birthday is in Jan, so next year will go even faster

It will be Christmas 2020 before you know it 😁

I just noticed we're in the same discord server (WordPress) - I tried sending a friend request there (but seemed to fail) as I might need your spreadsheet expertise again. We were racking our brains for hours yesterday but all we ended up doing was giving ourselves square eyes 😂

We are connected on discord. Hit me up if you need a hand :-)