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RE: Its December = Its Christmas

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Greetings dear friend @paulag.

Just what you do involves the true spirit of Christmas.
Share with family and friends, give instead of receive, meet with loved ones that we have time without seeing. But above all create an atmosphere of joy and fellowship.

Religious inclinations no longer apply in this case, because Christmas has already become a universal concept. Of course we will find cases of people (like your friend) who are very strict about their religion and then they will not celebrate these holidays, but in the same way I am sure you will find a way to involve them in the atmosphere of joy that you will achieve in your home .

Hohoho ... Merry Christmas!

All best, Piotr.


thank you for such a lovely comment. Merry Christmas to you too, and I am sure I will say it again over the next 3 weeks

Dear @paulag

Thank you for your kind comment and sorry for replying so late.

May I ask you for little favour? I'm not sure if I did ask you about it already or not (hope I'm not repeating myself).

Could you please check out also my recent post if you have few min and share your thoughts on questions related to concept of "introducing steem blockchain to businesses":

Your feedback is always appreciated ;) And I will upvote most valuable comment with 100-200k SP coming from project.hope account.
Yours, Piotr