The peace of the Lord, my beloved brothers in Christ. I want to thank everyone who has been praying for me. God bless you. While I was still in Brazil’s Minas Gerais state, I went to minister in many churches to bring the awakening to churches to prepare the bride for Christ's return. While in churches a great fury arose against me from the enemy. It was a daily war against me to the point that I ended up having an accident in which my feet were injured, and I stayed all day in the hospital. I was very sad and dejected. I questioned God, “Why, Lord, I could no longer wear shoes?”

I was going to preach in churches with one foot in the shoe and on the other feet, I was to wear a slipper. I was so discouraged. So that night of the accident, I did not pray. I laid in bed, sad and in great pain, whispering I had an accident on the avenue and I had to walk with blood to the hospital. My blood dripped on the way as I went to the hospital. It was a sad scene that I had an accident like that. I knew it was the enemy's job to stop me from evangelizing. I tried my best to concentrate.
So while I was in my bed, the Lord took my spirit, and I began to feel His glory around me. I was literally awake. Then I saw myself rising in the air towards Heaven. I felt so much glory. This time, I thought it would be a one-way trip, and that I would not return again.

My beloved brothers, I was still at a great distance, when I saw the Golden City. I saw in a great distance, once again, it was as if I had never stepped in that place. There was so much glory of God, I was overwhelmed in that place. As soon as I arrived, I felt like being taken higher. As soon as I got up there, I saw the roofs of golden mansions of Paradise. There were buildings of all kinds in gold. Most of them were in white gold. Each building was resplendent, prepared for a bride who goes to the wedding. Each building was for a single person. I was very amazed.

I was flying above the buildings in Heaven. But even so, I never took my eyes off them. Everything in the light was so intense when I was up there in the clouds over the city, glory to God. In my mind, I knew that it is the place that Jesus prepared for His people. Here His people will live in a Heaven of peace, and in very safe abodes, and in quiet places of rest. It is the place where we will rest from all the pain and sadness we went through. All the tears will be wiped away. Jesus prepared a place that will replace our tears with eternal joy.
We will continue to sanctify ourselves, purify ourselves, so that we do not lose the right to live in the promised land.

Heaven is so big that we never saw even half of it. While I was climbing higher, leaving the city, I went to see another place. It looked like another city in Heaven above the paradise as if it were another Heaven in Heaven. I met many people, many saints, and many angels. I found them all working. Some were fixing windows, others were fixing roofs of some houses that were under repair. Others were doing cleaning in houses. I even saw people I had seen on Earth.

When I looked beside me, to my astonishment, I saw a very big man. He was a giant, I saw that He took all His glory away so I could look at Him and not run away, because He too, was working and supervising the angels. They looked at me and they smiled, and they continued to do what they were doing. I was lost in great admiration of the beauty of the everlasting city, but also seeing people at work.

This Man was a very handsome giant, and I could see His face for He had taken out His glory and power aside for me to see Him so that I wouldn't die when looking at Him. For no one sees the Father and lives. I was afraid when looking at Him. They say that you can't see God. That's past now. He enlightened me to understand what Adam's sin has done to humanity. No one could look at Him anymore because of the original sin. But when Jesus died, He paid the necessary price. And now we have the right to see Him again as He is.

I soon realized that this beautiful, tall Man was the Father and Creator Himself. So I was lost looking at Him.
He spoke and told me, “Flavian, everything is going well.”
At that moment, I had forgotten all the sadness of the Earth. How could I say to God, that I was not well, so I was unable to say anything or talk. I was there just with my mouth open.
Then in my mind came the next thought. I wondered, “Where is Jesus if this is His Father?” And the Creator was smiling and said, “Jesus, come. Flavio wants to see You.”

I saw that the Lord Jesus was in another part of Heaven and was coming towards this place where I stood with His Father. I saw that He also took away all His glory in order to speak to me face to face, like His Father, so that I could not be consumed by His glory. Because in the past, I could not bear to look at Him and the Father and the Holy Spirit. For in the past, when they visited me at home, I almost died because of the positive energy coming from them. Nobody can take it, and I was shaking all over. And I could not look at them in the face, because it was like the sun in the midday.

But as soon as I got to this part of the Celestial world, I realized that I was able to look at the Lord Jesus. It was because just like His Father, Jesus stripped Himself of His glory. They did this so that I will be able to look at them willingly. Otherwise, I would die. I was able to look at their faces now, just as Jesus stripped Himself of His glory to come to Earth. So they also stripped themselves from glory to make me more comfortable, because I would die when looking at this glory.

And Jesus was very beautiful, but His height was like when He was on the Earth. He was not a giant like His Father. But me being face to face with Him, I was submerged by glory and fluids of power. I was admiring. When Jesus came to where I was looking at His Father working, I will call this place God's office, because they worked for the salvation of humanity. When Jesus arrived where He was, He saw me. He was smiling and very cheerful.

I said Jesus is happy to receive me. I was overwhelmed. I said, Jesus is getting to where I am with my God. He arrived and then gave me a hug. My God, I let Him hug me. I confess to all of you, I have seen Jesus and the Father, but they never hugged me before. It was the first time I received a hug from the Father and His Son. I was immersed in the glory so intense that I didn't want to let go. And I thought Jesus was going to let go first. But Jesus appeared as if someone who had so much love for me, then I got lost in glory. I forgot that I am human. I forgot all the pain. I hugged Jesus without stopping. So we stayed in this embrace for a little while.
Jesus smiled joyfully. No one ever hugged me with as much love like the Lord. Jesus was like, I miss you, I want you to be by My side. And I knew that side of Jesus, for He loves us with an everlasting love, a strong love. So the Lord Jesus Christ is hoping that we will pass the test of life so that we cannot lose the everlasting life that He has prepared with such joy and longing.

Then He pointed to me to see a house that was going up to the sky. The house was all spoiled. I think the house was coming from the land, the house did not just appear. I realized that Jesus, the Father, and the Spirit, and the angels and some saints were committed to transforming these houses into houses of gold and diamonds, and our house is as the church so the Lord wants to work in any kind of person. No matter how bad they are, Jesus wants to change them.

Beloved, let Jesus do the work in your life, no matter who you are or what you did. If you really submit He will do the work in you. Jesus says He wants to change you. Let Him change you. Let Jesus do the work in your life. He will complete the work and finish it in righteousness, for the Lord will finish the work on the Earth soon.

The Lord very much wants to do what He wants in us. His work is not physical, but spiritual. This work is the transformation of our lives from within, then He wants to get us in order. It is time for Him to do this with many people, even with brothers that think that they are better, with no more defects. Amen.

Together with the angels, we ascended. Then we climbed up until we arrived at the corridor, a beautiful transparent path. Very beautiful. The angels were there. I entered the corridor, I soon realized that the sky has a different climate from the Earth. While walking with angels, I could see the difference between the skies’ climate and the Earth's climate.

The angels came to leave me at home, and a very great and beautiful angel said that God said not to lose the day. I felt a lot of glory from God.

After the experience in Belo Horizonte [capital of Brazil’s Minas Gerais state], I went in to do a mission under much war from the enemy.

So I just want to say the Lord is doing something in you and your home. Do not disturb His work. Amen.

From Peniel Ngonde video


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