Mankind needs to be saved from itself

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I woke up this morning and was reading this article and it really got to me. The number of teens engaging in pornography, young children of 14, 15 engaging in that and I could only feel the Lord's pain on this. Here we are trying to discourage this habit in adults and sadly, it has already caught up with the young. Oh how that pains the Lord to see the very young he calls and describes as little ones he loves so much go astray like this. Mankind is really hurting itself and needs to be saved from itself.

These days are indeed worse than what is described in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah in scripture. It is so terrible and the filth must be irritating the heavens. Satan and his plans to turn God's own creation against him just so to offend God. The things that are now happening across the globe. People trafficking young children, women and their fellow human beings just to make money, people killing their fellow human beings like animals and other attrocities being committed in the world today is so sad to look at.

The ground is stained with blood and the blood of the innocent cries out of it for justice. Moral values are degrading every day and acts the bible terms abominations are voted into law every day. I ask myself how I will feel if my 14 or 15 years old daughter or son tells me he wants to be a pornography actor or actress?
I don't even want to think or even consider just a thing. It is so terrible and wrong according to my beliefs and the values I stand for as a believer in Christ.

Jesus Christ has died to save me from the sins of this flesh and its lust. I am not a slave to them anymore and neither should any one out there. I see the human race as a dangerous psychopath who thinks there is nothing wrong with him/her but unfortunately that is not true and needs to be saved from themselves. We see nothing wrong with the current trends and changes in the world today and that is why we keep accepting this filth. Everything is wrong with it and I pray the Lord opens our eyes to this truth.


The world is nothing like it seems. There is a spiritual battle going on and you are part of it. The battle between good and evil. The battle for the souls of men and willingly or unwillingly, you're on one side fighting. Good always and triumph because victory is Lord's. Mankind needs to be saved from the evil that has possessed it and our Lord Jesus Christ knowing this from the foundations of the world has paid that ultimate sacrifice already and has become the saviour it needs. So conclusively, the saving has been done already but mankind continues to reject the saviour and thus refuses to acknowledge the saving.

Dearly beloved, the world you see, the pleasures thereof and all it has to offer is nothing compared to losing your soul and spending all eternity in hell. It is not worth it and you must wake up to this truth. Time is fast running out and this is the time to receive and acknowledge the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ for all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God (Rom 3:23). But God knowing this has provided a way in his son that even when we were yet sinners he loved us so much that he sent his only begotten son that whoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life (Jn 3:16). This life is ours to grab and the good news is, it is totally free.

Do you need saving?
Do you know the saviour?
Do you know how to be saved?

We all need saving and there is only one saviour and his name the Lord Jesus Christ and he has made a way for us. To be saved, you must first acknowledge your sins and the need for salvation, repent from your sins and ask the Lord Jesus Christ to come into your life and be master over it. Obey his command and be baptized in water in his name and finally receive the gift of his holy spirit that seals you to redemption and marks you as one of his.

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To that we come, to season the earth, that people understand that we can change through the redemption of Jesus, there is no one who can resist the presence of God.


Amen Sister..
Salvation is found in no other but Jesus alone..

You need to accept what Jesus did on the cross as being the only payment necessary for the forgiveness of your sins and your salvation. Jesus must become your Lord too or he can't be your Savior.

Salvation is a like a gift. You can know it's there but until you consciously accept it, it's not yours.

If God is drawing you, you need to accept Christ while you still can. God will not draw you forever. There are plenty of stories of people who said that listening to a pastor's sermon convicted them of sin but now they can listen and it's no problem for them anymore.