God is ever faithful

in christianity •  3 months ago 


When I begin to think of the many times God has been so faithful to me, I am lost for words. You know, it is not about anything special about me or the so many people he has been faithful too but it is by his grace. God is ever faithful to us even when we don't deserve it and it is in this that we see his mighty hand. God loves us and is willing to do so much for us if we will let him.

The Lord has saved my life so many times and I know there are other times he did and I did not even notice it. In my childhood, I followed this uncle of mine to the forest to cut down a tree. He asked me to stand on the opposite direction to the direction they were anticipating the tree to fall on. I did as he said but when the tree came down, it fell in the direction I was standing and my Uncle was left in a state of shock. He thought the tree had fallen on me and immediately he started to panic and asked his companions to help him save his young nephew. But just before they could do so, I called him softly with my little voice.

There I was standing right behind him and when he saw me, his countenance suddenly changed and I could see the relief in his eyes. He immediately asked me why I decided to leave the spot he asked me to stand on and I told him, I was standing right there but just a few minutes before the tree came down, something told me to go stand beside him but knowing he will be angry that I did not do what he said, I went a little distance further behind him to make sure he could not see me. When he heard this, he immediately thanked God and held me so close.


I never really understood the voice as a kid but having known God, I now understand better. The Lord has always watched over me because he had plans for me and I could not die until it is fulfilled. His still soft voice always there directing us in everything we do. There are moments, I even had to go to Church in the midst of bullets flying all around me and he protected me. These are just a few of the many times I have witnessed the mighty hands of God in my life and his faithfulness.

The same God is still alive and doing wonders in our everyday lives. He can do it for you and anybody if they will accept him. But unfortunately, so many people refuse to accept him and put themselves at risk of spiritual attacks and open for the enemy's manipulation. I wonder why they can't see the darkness in the World we live in. They have deliberately turned a blind eye to the warnings of the Lord and continue to wallow in the lusts of their flesh. What this World has to offer is nothing compared to what God has to offer. The devil gives nothing to you for free.

Everything he offers is for a price, a price far greater than what he gives. Your soul for an eternity in hell is the price. Is this really what you are willing to give for the temporary pleasures of life? Definitely not worth it, but on the other side, you have a loving God who loves you and even died for you when you were still a sinner. He loves you so much and wants to save you. He has been preserving you waiting for the day you will finally accept his love. God is ever faithful and will remain faithful. Just accept his love and be free.

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