Verse of the Day - Aug 14th 2019

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“A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.” - 我 賜 給 你 們 一 條 新 命 令 、 乃 是 叫 你 們 彼 此 相 愛 . 我 怎 樣 愛 你 們 、 你 們 也 要 怎 樣 相 愛 。
John 13:34

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Lord Jesus, thank you for reminding about your great commandment to me as you son which is to love, may you be all glory in Jesus name, amen.

Lord Jesus, please teach me how to love one another in Jesus, amen.

Lord Jesus, please help me to love one another the same way you loved me in Jesus name, amen.

Lord Jesus, please if there has been anytime or anything that someone might have done which had made me not to love them, Lord please help me to forgive them so that I may follow and keep your command in Jesus name, amen.

Lord Jesus please give me the heart to love and the necessary resources that would aid me to show real love to my neighbour in Jesus name, amen.

Lord Jesus, please from now henceforth, let my words and actions show your love and above all, my I love others your own way which you love me in Jesus name amen.