Your life, Your investment

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The reason behind everything we do always is what motivates us to do what we do. The reason a student will wake up so early in the morning against his/her will to go to school is because he needs good grades that will help him in realizing his dreams. The reason one will wake up and go to a job everyday to answer to an arrogant, rude boss who does not give a damn about your feelings is because you know you need that job to take care of yourself and family.

In the same sense, I will like to apply this principle in the Christian life. You see, often people will see your way of life as a waste. There are times my coworkers and peers say I need to get a life, man you are not cool at all, your life is so boring etc. I smile every time they say this because every time they do, I think of the scripture that says be happy when men call you all sorts of names for Christ sake. But that is not my point here, the point is they look at my life from their point of view and their understanding of what a cool life is which is partying, drinking, attending all sorts of social events, sex etc.

But, as a Christian, I see life from a different angle and perspective. If you look at the above way of life, one can easily see that my friends above are living their lives in the present and barely think about the future or life after death which is not even something most of them believe in. But I do and believing that there is a life after this one, I am preparing for it. So, I am in the present but living for the future. How am I doing that? The answer is simple: I have invested my present life for my future life. I have chosen to invest my life into the kingdom of God.

My friends are living in the World, enjoying all what this World has to offer and to them that is what living is. But me on the other hand, I have made that choice to invest my life for the life after this. And that is the point. Your life is like a penny you have. You can chose to spend it to be comfortable for a moment and live a wretched life for the rest of your days or invest it in something for a better tomorrow. This life is your ultimate asset and what you do with it determines your eternity. People will laugh when I say this but that is the truth.

You can chose to live your life as you want, enjoy all what this World has to offer, the life of sin and lawlessness. But after that what next? What happens to you in eternity? Where will you spend the rest of your days after this life? All what this world has to offer is nothing worth missing an eternity in heaven for or spending eternity in hell. It is not worth it at all. The temporary pleasures of the flesh that most people enjoy now, will be nothing compared to spending a day in the terrible pit of hell.

There is a choice we must all make and that choice What we do with our lives. Will you waste your life for a wretched tomorrow (eternity in hell) or for a better tomorrow (eternity in heaven). This is the choice you must make and fast because every passing minute is crucial and vital. Time is no more and the time is now to act. Have you been wasting your life or have you invested it?

Remember, your life your investment...

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