Resist the devil

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James 4:7 Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.


When I begin to think of the so many times I have fallen prey to the temptations of the enemy,it seems like resisting the devil sometimes is almost impossible but that is a lie the enemy wants us to believe so that we will just give up all the way. Scriptures makes us to understand that a righteous man falleth seven times but he rises again. So, we see that a righteous man is not one who has never fallen but he who stands up and continue the fight for righteousness even after his fall.

You don't want to remain in your fallen estate. That is dangerous to your walk with the Lord and the enemy does everything to keep you in this estate. Sometimes, he reminds you of the so many times you have fallen into temptation and how you have disappointed God so many times. He makes you feel so dirty and guilty in an effort to make you feel so ashamed and defiled to approach God for mercy. You must not let the enemy keep you in this estate of guilt for when Christ died on the cross, he paid the price for you and I for all eternity and you and I can approach God through that blood that was shed for you and I anytime for his mercy when we fall.

With this in mind, you don't need to let the enemy talk you into believing you cannot be forgiven. Rebuke him and let him know that someone has paid the price already and you don't have to pay it anymore. We must be able to resist the devil all the way to get him away from us. We must be able to recognize that cunning voice of old that comes to pull us into sin and constantly is in our heads trying to send us in the wrong direction. He is always there like a hungry lion looking for the least opportunity to devour anybody that falls prey to his devices.


I remember at work, I saw three of my colleagues giggling and laughing. I walked up to them and asked what was making them laugh so much. They told me they were talking about sex and asked me about my sex life. I told them I am not very comfortable with that topic and when I said that, they immediately said he is a virgin and started laughing again. As they laughed, they made it feel like such a weird and horrible thing and I could only look at them with pity in my heart see how these young colleagues of mine saw fornication as a normal thing. That is what the World has taught us norms these days. Then one of them told me, man you are not cool at all, I would never have been friends with you in high school.

I walked away from the guys and continued my work but something happened. The enemy kept ringing these words in my ears man you are not cool, I would never have been friends with you in high school. I smiles they had on their faces when they were laughing at what I said was fresh in my head and in an instant, the enemy was really getting to me. Then, I snapped out of it and I reminded myself that premarital sex is not cool. It is fornication and I should not even be worked up over this because someone thinks that is what makes someone cool. The acceptance of God and what God thinks cool is greater than what the World regards as cool.

In that moment, I resisted the thoughts the enemy was trying to bring into my head and suddenly everything was calm again and he was gone. My dear reader, resisting the enemy never comes easy. He uses people so close to us at home, work,church or school to get to us and if we are too blind to realize when he is at work, then we will certainly fall to his temptations. We are not ignorant of the devices of the devil for the word of God and his spirit is there to lead us and if we will just let the spirit of God lead us, we will spot the enemy's moves from a long distance and the spirit will equip us to resist him all the way.


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