Light me Lord

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I just stumbled upon this simple song that is just a single sentence chorus that says Light me Lord like a candle by Apostle Joshua Sellman and I can't stop singing it 😭 😭 . A simple song and prayer but it has ignited something in me. A hunger for worship this evening and I can't just stop singing it. This simple few words address a dying need in me. A strong desire for more of his light in my life. I want a new fire of God in my life, a new dawn in my spiritual life and this song is hitting right at it.

Sometimes, it takes songs like this and other strange means to realize our spiritual needs. I listened to the same Joshua Sellman say sometimes we don't even realize how we have slumbered in our spiritual walk with God. In our prayer lives, the operation of our gifts, time we spent with God etc. I was reflecting on this same message when he ended it all with this wonderful song and in that estate, I could not help it but sing it all through.

This is what the enemy can do when we sleep and slumber. He attacks us and quenches the fire of God in our lives. The very fire that is supposed to keep our lamps burning till our saviour comes. Every time we try to remain on fire for the Lord, the enemy also sets out to make sure he quenches that desire. For he knows what can happen if that fire keeps burning in us. We must strive to keep that little fire burning always so that we might be able to rise and quench all the devices and whiles of the enemy. That we may be able to stand strong through every temptation that may come.

I know it is not easy but we are not alone. Our God who is mighty in battle is with us and is willing to strengthen us for this task. All we need to do is ask him and help will come rushing our way. That is our God but the problem is we sometimes forget that we are in a battlefield on this earth and we let the cares of life crowd our minds that we totally forget our adversary is still roaming around seeking for whom he may devour. In these evil days, we must not slumber or sleep for if we do, we give the enemy the perfect opportunity to attack us unawares. Don't slumber like Samson and be stripped of your strength in the process.

As I listen to this song right now, my desire is for a new fire of the Lord to be ignited in me. A new unquenchable fire and a light that will shine in my environment for all those around me to see. I want the Lord to light me like a candle for I want to be a light in my generation. I claim Isaiah 60:1 right now and I say my light has come and it is time to arise and shine like never before.

Light me Lord like a candle

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