I came to understand a real blessing

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It was just the first week of the resumption of the second semester after the holidays. Everything was going on well until Wednesday morning when I woke up and could hardly breathe well. I was not myself and I was coughing really bad. I remembered going to bed the previous day a healthy man but getting up the next day sick and could hardly believe how my state changed in just one night. I had a running nose and this serious cough that really kept me down for the rest of the week. I lost my appetite, grew pale and was just a shadow of my former self.

I rarely fall sick and the slightest of any form of sickness really has a terrible effect on me. In all this, I prayed to God for healing while taking some antipyretics too. In my state, I just felt like I could empty my bank account just to feel like my usual self once more. Then it dawned on me at that moment. I began to think about those that suffer from chronic conditions like cancer, hypertension, heart diseases, renal disease etc and have to be managed all their lives. I began to wonder how they do it and what they go through. Here I was with just a simple cold and it was like hell for me.

Then I just began to thank God for the good health he had showered on me. It is so sad when we look at our lives at some point and see how ungrateful we have been. You even see healthy people who do not have enough to eat curse God for not blessing them much. On the other hand, you find rich people with all the money they could ever want, but then their terrible health will not allow them enjoy it. They are always in hospitals, some even hospitalized and can barely feed. Which one then is a real blessing in these two cases? The wealth or good health?

Money can really be useless you know especially when you're sick and it can't help you. Good health is not something you can buy, it is a gift and a blessing from above and if God blesses you with it, you should be grateful. In church on Sunday, I met one of my sisters after service and while we were discussing, I told her about my predicament of the week. I even told her, to be sincere I would rather remain healthy and not be wealthy than have wealth and be sick. I don't want that at all. I have come to appreciate this blessing of having good health and I cherish it so much at this point. It is something we should thank God for everyday.

I used to do it but not with this understanding. After my health predicament of this week, I will thank God for it in a different way. I am much better now and I thank God for his healings. I missed feeling like this so much and to think that I could not do what I love-Singing everyday. Thank God I am better now.

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This that wrote you "Good health is not something you can buy" is very true, and I remember That word of the magician Simon, the health is a give of God. I'm like read this type of analysis, because fill me of glad know that there somebody in communion with the Holy Spirit. Thanks for share.

Amen brother..
Our God blesses us everyday..