Coronavirus is rival in China: IA

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It is not the first time that we expose how AI platforms have supported the health sector throughout the world. However, it is the first time that its speed has to be tested. This situation arises when considering that Coronavirus is described as a crisis worldwide, with outbreaks left and right.

There are currently several examples that inefficient management can scale catastrophically, such as China or Italy itself. However, the past can no longer be changed.

In addition, it reflects that humanity remains inefficient on this issue, even though history has occurred hundreds of epidemics. However, in our time there is a differentiating element, which will help fight the Coronavirus.

Remembering, as we explained in other cases, AIs are not responsible for curing or diagnosing patients. At all times it works as a tool for the doctor, helping to evaluate people. You could say that it is an intelligent stethoscope, since it emits opinions.

The case of China

China in particular is one of the most advanced countries in the field of AI platforms and medicine, since since 2017 there are several research centers. Stressing that in addition to being the most advanced, it is the most needy in the topic of Coronavirus.

These development centers, described in a South China Morning Post report, are among a range of AI applications in medical care that have helped the country's response to the Coronavirus outbreak.

"Many technologies have played a very important role in containing the outbreak," said Zhong Zhenshan, vice president of emerging technology research. "In return, this will greatly enrich the application scenarios of emerging technologies in China and promote the development of the entire market."

The diagnosis is the focus of most AI initiatives in China's health care sector, given the “considerable opportunity” presented by the large number of patients and the data they generate, according to the Post report.

These applications are proving useful in hospitals, which are plagued by many patients and more people anxious to know if they could become infected with Coronavirus.

AI applications

A prediction model developed by Ping An Technology, for example, is helping health care authorities in Chongqing and Shenzhen to predict outbreaks in advance with accuracy rates of more than 90 percent, according to the report.

Meanwhile, China's new artificial intelligence company Yitu Technology, the telecommunications equipment provider Huawei and Alibaba Group Holding, are offering artificial intelligence-backed services to help analyze the computed tomography (CT) scanners used by hospitals to diagnose patients suspected of having Coronavirus.

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