China news roundup / Nachrichten 2021-05-12

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Covid: Serious failures in WHO and global response, report finds

"WHO's Emergency Committee should have declared the outbreak in China an international emergency a week earlier than it did.
It should have done so at its first meeting on 22 January last year, the report said, instead of waiting until 30 January."

--- Yep. & it could have done so even earlier, if China had provided all the necessary information in time. But instead the WHO (in unison with China) urged countries to keep their borders open.

"The month following the WHO's declaration was "lost" as countries failed to take appropriate measures to halt the spread of the virus.
Europe and the US wasted the entire month of February and acted only when their hospitals began to fill up"

--- Funny, the report (correctly) criticises the WHO, Europe & the US, but fails to utter any critical word of the CCP's initial attempts of a cover-up, China's insistence that "everything is under control" & that no human-to-human transmission had been recorded.
You could almost think that this 'independent panel' is not really that independent. More like just as CCP-pandering as the WHO.


China has used pandemic to boost global image, report says

"In some countries, China was seen as the source of the most accurate information about the coronavirus."

--- Well, some countries are obviously full of idiots. Then again, there might be another reason for such a position:

"Three-quarters (76%) reported that China had a visible presence in their media, up from 64% the previous year."

--- If your media is bought by the CCP, you perhaps don't have a great chance to build a somewhat objective opinion.


China and Russia want to vaccinate the developing world before the West. It's brought them closer than ever

"Most of Russia and China's vaccine deliveries have been sold rather than donated, but an analysis by Think Global Health found that 63 out of the 65 countries Beijing had donated vaccines to so far were part of Xi Jinping's signature Belt and Road Initiative."

--- Sheer coincidence, I'm sure.

"For China and Russia, our choice is not to benefit only ourselves, but rather to help the whole world."

--- Joke of the day.


U.S., UK, Germany clash with China at U.N. over Xinjiang

""China has nothing to hide on Xinjiang. Xinjiang is always open," said Chinese diplomat Guo Jiakun. "We welcome everyone to visit Xinjiang""

--- Unless you are some ugly Western journalist who wants to see more than our Potemkin Villages.


Xinjiang births plummeted after crackdown on Uyghurs, says report

"The figures show unprecedented declines which were more extreme than any global region at any time in the 71 years of UN fertility data collection, including during genocides in Rwanda and Cambodia
[...] Aspi’s report found the birthrate across Xinjiang fell by 48.74% between 2017 and 2019. In counties where the population was at least 90% non-Han Chinese, the birthrate dropped by an average 56.5% between 2017 and 2018"

--- Nothing to see here. Clearly, this is only evidence of the CCP's successful re-education campaign. The wisdom of benevolent emperor Xi is truly incomprehensible.


Taiwanese tech giant Gigabyte kowtows to Chinese netizens after ‘offensive’ statement

"Gigabyte drew a barrage of criticism for its promotional materials on its website where the Taiwan-based company stated that it was “different from other brands that choose to make their products in China using low-cost and low-quality methods.”"

--- How dare you speak the truth!? That hurt the feelings of all Chinese.

"Amid the row, Gigabyte products were removed from the mainland’s leading online shopping platforms Tmall and"

--- Obviously because they are completely private companies which make decisions based on economic considerations, not because the CCP tells them what to do.

"Gigabyte later apologized
[...] Gigabyte is deeply proud of the quality of Chinese-made products."

--- Suckers.


Exclusive: China planning new crackdown on private tutoring sector

"on-campus academic tutoring classes will be banned, as will both on and off-campus tutoring during weekends"

--- Much easier than to reform the education system, I suppose.

"As well as protecting sleep-deprived students, Beijing sees the changes as a financial incentive for couples to have more children as it seeks to shore up a rapidly declining birth rate"

--- Good one. The parents will probably end up paying even more to tutors who are willing to work illegally.


Meet China's elderly influencers cashing in on the internet

"The "Fashion Grandmas" collective has 23 main members, with dozens more fringe contributors across the country, all aged between their late 50s and their mid-70s.
[...] "They can sell 200 units of a product within a minute of starting a stream," says their agent He Daling.
[...] Beijing Dama Technology Company, which helps run the elderly influencers' social media"

--- Collective, my arse. Pretty naive article about just another influencer industry. These agencies have dozens if not hundreds of people under contract selling stuff.



US agrees to lift Trump-era ban on China's Xiaomi

Residential coal use in China results in many premature deaths, models indicate

City of centenarians points the way for China's ageing future



--- China Uncensored: "We were wrong! There’s no genocide in China!"


--- ABC News (AUS): "China's plummeting birthrate set to pose multiple challenges for its ageing population"



Tibeter in der Schweiz: Angst vor Pekings langem Arm

"Um zu klären, ob die Flüchtlinge tatsächlich aus China stammen, haben Schweizer Behörden jahrelang mit Beamten aus der Volksrepublik China kooperiert. Peking "half" also, Flüchtlinge aus China zu identifizieren."

--- Hat der KPCh bestimmt gut gefallen. Daß die fiesen Schweizer dieses Abkommen haben auslaufen lassen, hat andererseits die Gefühle aller Chinesen verletzt.


Diese Katastrophe war vermeidbar

"Die Weltgesundheitsorganisation (WHO) habe 2020 zu langsam auf erste Corona-Alarmzeichen reagiert, und die Pandemie hätte verhindert werden können.
[...] Auch Regierungen kommen in dem Bericht nicht gut weg: Viele Länder hätten im Februar 2020 zu lange gezögert, statt Vorkehrungen gegen die Ausbreitung des Virus zu treffen."

--- Viele Länder ... Lustigerweise gibt es in dem ganzen Bericht kein einziges chinakritisches Wort. Die WHO hat Fehler gemacht, Europa & die USA haben Fehler gemacht. China? Lalala...

"Ein neues globales Überwachungssystem von Krankheiten solle der WHO die Möglichkeit geben, bei Bedarf sofort und ohne Rücksprache mit betroffenen Ländern Alarm zu schlagen"

--- Darf bezweifelt werden, daß die KPCh da mitspielt.