China news roundup / Nachrichten 2021-04-23

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New Zealand’s stance on China has deep implications for the Five Eyes alliance

"Jacinda Ardern, the New Zealand prime minister [...] is not prepared to take her country into the kind of trade war with China that Australia has found itself facing"

--- Nobody asks her to. The question is whether she is willing to stand up for her alleged principles or kowtow to China. The CCP is trying to use Australia as an example & New Zealand is falling for it.

"foreign minister Nanaia Mahuta [...] suggested that New Zealand needed to “maintain and respect” China’s “particular customs, traditions and values”"

--- Which would be? Concentration camps? Commie state media? Money?

"29% of its export revenue dependent on China"

--- Well, OK, NZ truly respects Chinese money.


China calls these Uyghur parents 'terrorists' without evidence. But they say they just want to be with their children again

"the Chinese government accused all three parents living outside China of having "extremist religious" beliefs and abandoning their children by refusing to return to Xinjiang"

--- Guess, what would happen if they would return to China:

"Mamutjan's wife Muherrem, the only one of the four parents currently inside China, had been sentenced to nine years in prison for "inciting ethnic hatred," alleging that she was influenced by her husband's "extremist religious" views"

--- Much better for the children to have their parents imprisoned. Right?


US universities call for clearer rules on science espionage amid China crackdown

"because most cases involved funding from the Chinese government, and the arrest or censure of many scientists of Chinese descent, some researchers voiced concerns that the actions amounted to racial profiling. It is illegal in the United States to target people because of their racial or ethnic background"

--- So, when you are looking for Chinese spies &/or influence operations, you shouldn't have a particular focus on Chinese? Yeah, well, what is more logical ( to the woke mind) to check eg. Spanish immigrants when looking for a Chinese spy?

"In another first, the agency is requiring scientists to certify by electronic signature that the information they’ve submitted in their applications about foreign funding is accurate."

--- Oh, the racism! How dare you expect information to be accurate!?

"A mass shooting in March brought new attention to anti-Asian racism in the United States, when a gunman killed eight people, including six Asian women, in and around Atlanta, Georgia"

--- Hrmph! Even if that had been a racist attack (which it most probably was not), how does that relate to science espionage?


Japan, Thailand, Vietnam Vie with China for Influence in Impoverished, Landlocked Laos

"the major powers’ rivalry is dominating the region. Laos is just one pawn in this mix"

--- But if the pawn is smart, he will play the big boys against each other & gain maximum profit from it.


China Eyes More Bases in Africa, US Military Official Says

"This pier has a capability to dock their largest ships, to include the Chinese aircraft carrier as well as nuclear submarines"

--- Considering that China originally said (IIRC), it was only there to support anti-piracy operations, that doesn't really fit. Although it fits well with probable Chinese ambitions to be able to project power worldwide.



Police in China's Chengdu Detain Children in Early Rain Church Raid

UK's GCHQ chief says China could win control of the world's 'operating system'



--- China Uncensored features the usual weekend news variety:


--- Sky News (AUS): "China infiltrating universities 'under the guise of language and cultural programs'"


--- WION: "Gravitas: China infiltrating U.S research"



Gefährliche Abhängigkeit: „Ohne China spielt Daimler im Automarkt keine Rolle mehr“

"Der Direktor der Duisburger Forschungsorganisation Center for Automotive Research, Ferdinand Dudenhöffer, legt gerade Autoherstellern gar nahe, die wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit mit China noch weiter zu stärken"

--- Gibt es in Deutschland wirklich nur diesen einen 'Autoexperten'? In fast jedem Bericht zum Thema wird dieser Idiot zitiert.

"„Ohne China spielt Daimler im Automarkt überhaupt keine Rolle mehr, zwei Drittel des Unternehmens gäbe es ohne den Markt dort nicht mehr“, sagt Dudenhöffer."

--- Schwachsinn.

"Der Autoexperte unterstreicht, dass nur etwas verändert werden kann, wenn man weiterhin mit China zusammenarbeite."

--- Hat ja in den letzten Jahrzehnten bestens funktioniert, gelle? Die Verbesserungen bei den Menschenrechten sieht man am Bau von Konzentrationslagern.
Was deutschen Autokonzernen dort noch blüht, sieht man derzeit an Tesla: Skurriler Angriff auf Tesla in China
& das ist erst der Anfang. Sollte China tatsächlich irgendwann mal technische Marktführerschaft haben, werden vermutlich alle ausländischen Konkurrenten systematisch zerschlagen.


Australien kündigt Deals mit China auf

"China reagierte wütend. Die Aufkündigung sei schädlich für die Beziehungen zwischen beiden Ländern"

--- Welche sich in den letzten Jahren doch extrem positiv entwickelt hatten.


BioNTech verhandelt über Zulassung in China

"Şahin hat deswegen in Shanghai unter anderem mit Li Qiang gesprochen, dem örtlichen Chef der Kommunistischen Partei."

--- Denn die Zulassung von Medikamenten ist in China eine politische Frage. (& eine des Geldes. Ohne Bestechungsgelder läuft da wenig.)


China startet Bau seiner Raumstation: "An mehreren Fronten kämpfen"

"Wir werden an mehreren Fronten gleichzeitig kämpfen"

--- Die Formulierung ist leider nicht nur allegorisch. Das Weltraumprogramm Chinas wird vom Militär betrieben. Womit man schon sieht, wo die Prioritäten liegen. Wird vermutlich auch beim Mondprogramm so sein: China und Russland wollen gemeinsam Mondstation aufbauen