China news roundup / Nachrichten 2021-05-10

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UK university tells lecturers not to record classes about Hong Kong and China, citing security law risks

"SOAS University of London said the new measures were intended to ensure the safety of its staff and students but cautioned against any self-censorship in its classrooms."

--- If it's necessary to avoid self-censorship, OK. Anyway, I don't see much necessity to record classroom debates, unless for very specific purposes (eg. debate training). & I always told my students not to record anything, anyway. It is far too easy to manipulate recordings for malicious purposes.

"lecturers and students could face arrest if they carried physical or electronic copies of lecture notes when visiting Hong Kong or mainland China"

--- That is the bigger problem. At the Chinese border they may check your phone or computer & if then there is some CCP-critical content found, you are in trouble. If I ever go to China again (which is rather unlikely at the moment), I only take a burner phone & perhaps a very new computer. Everything important will be in the cloud or on my own server.


Denmark draws China ire for inviting Taiwan leader to speak at 'democracy summit'

"Danish Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod, who said he was preparing a new "value-based" foreign policy and security strategy"

--- Did he talk to his German colleague about this? Not to mention the Hungarian CCP-bootlickers?

"Inviting Tsai and Hong Kong democracy activist Nathan Law to the summit violated "the one-China principle and interferes in China's internal affairs""

--- & obviously it hurt the feelings of all Chinese people. & Denmark is not the only European country being so inconsiderate:

French Senate passes unanimous resolution supporting international presence for Taiwan

"calling for Taiwan’s inclusion in several international bodies including the World Health Organization (WHO) and its decision-making body the World Health Assembly
[...&...] Taiwan’s “meaningful participation” in other international organisations, including the International Civil Aviation Organization, the International Criminal Police Organization Interpol and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change"

--- There is still hope for EU foreign diplomacy. We have to wait for what happens in the German elections to see a major change, though. There is not much chance that Merkel & Maas will get tough on Beijing.


China Bans Some Australian LNG Cargoes

"firms have received verbal orders from government officials to avoid purchasing additional LNG from Australia for delivery over the next year
[...] Larger state-owned importers that carry out almost 90% of purchases haven’t received any guidance and plan to continue buying Australian LNG"

--- & so it goes on. Leaving room for escalation, though. Or perhaps the CCP just wants to check whether they can get enough LNG from other sources before they stop imports from Australia completely.


When Covid Hit, China Was Ready to Tell Its Version of the Story

"Italian journalists said they’d been pressed to run President Xi Jinping’s Christmas speech and were provided with a version translated into Italian. In Tunisia, the Chinese embassy offered hand sanitizer and masks to the journalists’ union, and expensive television equipment and free, pro-China content to the state broadcaster.
[...] Peruvian state news agency and the state-controlled newspaper El Peruano are “like stenographers of the Chinese embassy.”
[...] American news organizations whose journalists accepted official trips to China subsequently “made a pivot from covering military competition to covering economic cooperation.”"

--- Wouldn't be half as bad, if there weren't quite a number of Western outlets which provide pro-CCP propaganda out of conviction, either because of anti-Americanism or for some left-wing nostalgia based on the belief that what a commie party does cannot be bad.


China tourist left clinging to 100m-high bridge after glass panels smash

"sudden gale-force winds shattered the transparent panels"

--- Wouldn't trust these Chinese-built bridges even in a nice summerly breeze, but to cross one while there is a storm you must be crazy.


Meituan sinks 10% after CEO posts poem deemed critical of Beijing

"the Chinese e-commerce company’s billionaire CEO shared and then deleted a poem on social media that some interpreted as a veiled criticism of Beijing"

--- Poetry is dangerous. A lot of emperors in history shared that opinion. Emperor Xi is probably no exception.

"The Shanghai Consumer Council criticised Meituan on Monday for practices that hurt consumers’ rights"

--- Total coincidence, obviously.

"The poem Wang shared is by Tang dynasty poet Zhang Jie about the book-burning that took place under emperor Qin Shi Huang"

--- Book-burning? OK, emperor Xi would never steep so low, I'm sure. Hence, this excitement about posting such a poem must be exaggerated. Meituan will surely not be punished more than it already has been. Right?


China: Search for leopard missing more than a week

"locals reported seeing the animals as early as 1 May, but the park only confirmed they were missing on Saturday
[...] We thought juvenile leopards are weak and will not pose a great danger, so we decided not to announce their escape to avoid causing public panic"

--- After all, young leopards only could kill young humans. So, there was clearly no danger at all. Well, not much, anyway. Not to healthy adult humans at least. & nothing happened (yet). So, everything is fine. Chabuduo.


Chinese TV authorities move to curb obsessive fan culture

"state media heavily criticised the show’s fans for frenzied buying of milk produced by the show’s sponsor, with cartons containing QR codes to vote for their favourite contestants.
That led to the dumping of large quantities of milk, which fans filmed and posted on the internet"

--- Clearly, the CCP campaign against food waste has great effect.



China operators lose NYSE delisting appeal

Everest: China to set up 'separation line' at summit

7 Apple suppliers in China have links to forced labor programs, including the use of Uyghur Muslims from Xinjiang



--- China Uncensored: "Pretending to Be Arrested Is the Latest Craze in China"


--- Sky News (AUS): "Bombshell dossier indicates China has been ‘preparing’ for bio-warfare"


--- Caspian Report: "China aims for naval supremacy by 2050"



According to ASPI researcher Vicky Xu that leaked Chinese paper about SARS-like viruses as weapons may just be from a Chinese conspiracy theorist. (In the news yesterday & today in the videos.)



Künftig nur noch Chinesen an der Spitze deutscher Parteistiftungen?

"Gemeinnützige Organisationen, die in China operieren, sollen nur von Chinesen geleitet werden dürfen. Geht das Abkommen durch, stünden Nichtregierungsorganisationen künftig unter Kontrolle der KP"

--- Naja, nicht jeder Chinese ist in der KPCh. Aber natürlich haben die chinesischen Kommis wesentlich größere Druckmittel gegen Chinesen in der Hand & darum dürfte es bei dieser Regelung gehen. Daß die EU-Kommission so einer Soße zustimmt, ist ein echtes Armutszeugnis.


Trumpf-Chefin: „Wir müssen China mehr Mut und Aufbruchsgeist entgegensetzen“

"Können wir dennoch etwas von China lernen?
Schnelligkeit, Pragmatismus, Effizienz. Auch die Bereitschaft, Fehler zuzulassen."

--- Na, ich weiß nicht. Auf eine Chabuduo-Mentalität kann ich in Europa gut verzichten. Wobei mir die Improvisationskultur in China durchaus gefallen hat. Aber glaube nicht, daß das für Deutschland wirklich gut wäre (siehe die Glasbrücke).


Berlin will Werften vor China schützen

"Aus Deutschland soll das erste Nullemissions-Kreuzfahrtschiff kommen."

--- Ob daraus was wird, im Wettbewerb mit China? Dort ist man deutlich besser beim kreativen Runterrechnen.


Vom Fahren zum Gefahrenwerden. Wie Kalifornien, nur größer: Robotaxis in China

"Die Akzeptanz in der Bevölkerung ist hoch, die Mehrheit kann sich auf absehbare Zeit kein eigenes privates Auto leisten."

--- Stimmt, aber dafür gibt es ÖPNV & normale Taxis. & wenn die Robotaxis so wie in Peking doppelt so teuer wie die normalen sind, wird das wohl nix.

"China dürfte in wenigen Jahren technologisch und im Geschäftsvolumen an den USA vorbeiziehen"

--- Abwarten. Das im Text beworbene Baidu ist in seinen Ursprüngen eine Google-Kopie. Die Suchmaschine hat bis heute einen ziemlich miesen Suchalgorithmus.

"Es geht darum, die Hersteller mit offenem Code und niedriger Einstiegsschwelle sirenengleich ins eigene Ökosystem zu locken und sie dann nie mehr aus diesem herauszulassen"

--- So sieht es aus. & natürlich soll auch soviel ausländische Technologie wie möglich abgegriffen werden.