China news roundup / Nachrichten 2021-05-05

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US seen as bigger threat to democracy than Russia or China, global poll finds

"nearly half (44%) of respondents in the 53 countries surveyed are concerned that the US threatens democracy in their country; fear of Chinese influence is by contrast 38%"

--- Loads of morons in the world. Then again, the USA is known for supporting rather ... er ... undemocratic regimes when it suits them. So, you would think that people in countries like Saudi Arabia would view the US most negatively. But:

"The countries still overwhelmingly negative about US influence are Russia and China, followed by European democracies."

--- Which is actually not that much of a surprise, considering the vastly negative news coverage of many (most?) European mainstream media of the Trump administration. We'll see whether & how that changes with Biden.

"the Chinese, where 71% agree that China has the right amount of democracy"

--- Good one.


China’s population peak hastens fiscal reckoning

"Beijing was supposed to publish results from its latest census in early April. Weeks later it remains under wraps, raising suspicions that worse-than-expected numbers are being tweaked."

--- Well-founded suspicions.

"The current 1.4 billion population estimate might be inflated. Local governments seeking central fiscal support have incentives to double-count residents who emigrated elsewhere."

--- Could be. But, on the other hand, many children went unreported during the One-Child-Policy. So, that estimate could go either way.


Western companies in China succumb to Stockholm syndrome

"many international companies in China do feel like hostages. But they tend to blame politicians, media or human rights groups in their home countries for antagonising their captors"

--- Maybe part Stockholm Syndrome, but I guess it's more the temptation of that wonderful Chinese money. They don't see that the flow of money will dry up sooner or later, anyway. Because as soon as Chinese companies are on the same technological lever as their foreign competitors, the CCP will turn the screws much harder than now.

"If you want to make money in modern China you have to toe the Communist party’s line, engage in ostentatious displays of fealty and assist in its propaganda efforts globally"

--- Yep, & quite a number of companies are willing to sell their soul, here is a nice example video from TÜV Rheinland COO Frankholz in Shanghai (website is Chinese, but video English). But not only companies work more or less voluntarily as CCP propagandists. Here's a Youtube channel exposing them.

"President Xi Jinping made clear he wants to increase this leverage, saying the party “must tighten the dependence of international production chains on China” in order to form a “powerful countermeasure and deterrent capability”"

--- Surprisingly open, but many Western politicians fail (or are unwilling) to notice.


G7 foreign ministers refrain from taking concrete action against China

"concern among some members – especially Italy and Germany – over reprisals if their language was too threatening"

--- So much for a 'hardening stance' in Germany (or the EU in general). It is really time to go for Merkel. The German government is becoming ever more of a joke in regards to China.
cf.: At G-7, US Emphasizes Desire to Uphold International Rules, Not Hold China Down


Biden’s Taiwan Policy Is Truly, Deeply Reckless

"These policies are increasing the odds of a catastrophic war. The more the United States and Taiwan formally close the door on reunification, the more likely Beijing is to seek reunification by force"

--- Meh. Emperor Xi wants to bring Taiwan 'heim ins Reich', anyway. Just a matter of time.

"Hawks will call this appeasement. So be it. Ask them how many American lives they’re willing to risk so the United States can have official diplomatic relations with Taiwan."

--- You don't need to be hawk to call this appeasement, because it is. Anyway, the whole premise of the piece is dubious. Biden will most probably not recognise Taiwanese independence. Nor will the current Taiwanese government announce independence.
Much more probable is that emperor Xi loses patience in a few years time & decides to invade. Ready or not.


Abandoning Taiwan Makes Zero Moral or Strategic Sense

"the idea the United States can casually shed its commitments to Taiwan is inconsistent with the values that should be central to U.S. foreign policy. It would cede authority over Taiwan to a totalitarian state committed to crushing free expression and driving U.S. influence from Asia for a purely imaginary gain"

--- Yep. & US allies in the region would see that you can't rely on US support. Which might have long-lasting, very negative effects on US influence in Asia. Not to mention that Chinese imperialism would only become more aggressive.

"Chinese President Xi Jinping’s nationalist regime would be emboldened, not satisfied, by conceding Taiwan. And given that occupation of Taiwan would put Japan’s southernmost islands within 140 miles of the People’s Liberation Army, it’s not difficult to see where Beijing might consider pushing next"

--- Well ... meh. There are other, more probable targets for the next Chinese expansion moves. Japan would still be a bit too strong.


Germany’s Indo-Pacific frigate may send unclear message

"the original plans for the deployment appear to have changed to specifically avoid antagonizing Beijing"

--- Hrmph. What's going on in Berlin? Has Merkel gone completely nuts? It's as bad as Trump's dealings with Russia, if not worse.

"Germany had already publicly declared it would not send the frigate within 12 nautical miles of any territory claimed by China
[...] despite that declaration, a Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson still warned Germany the principle of freedom of navigation ‘should not be used as an excuse to endanger the sovereignty and security of littoral countries’"

--- Oh my! Although we are doing everything not to anger emperor Xi, the poor, innocent, weak Chinese are still feeling endangered by us. We can't have that. We must show how really nice we are. So:

"The Bayern will now also make a port visit to Shanghai"

--- Joke of the day.

"The plan for the deployment is not yet final and could be changed again."

--- Let's hope, it will be changed. The German government is becoming ever more of an embarrassment.



China can't stop talking about the Bill and Melinda Gates divorce

Why are Australian officials hinting at war with China?

DW reporters in China: Documenting the erosion of fundamental rights



--- China Uncensored: "One-Child Policy Fail: Could China Force People to Have Babies?"


--- WION: "Gravitas: EU choses India over China for free trade"


--- DW News: "EU suspends investment deal with China over 'retaliatory sanctions'"



Investitionsabkommen ohne Rückhalt

"Nach dem Europäischen Parlament hat jetzt auch die EU-Kommission Zweifel an der Vertiefung der Wirtschaftsbeziehungen zu China deutlich gemacht. Angesichts der Sanktionen sei das Umfeld für das geplante Investitionsabkommen mit China nicht günstig"

--- Von wegen Zweifel der Kommission. Scheint wohl eher so zu sein, daß man eingesehen hat, daß der Vertrag im EU-Parlament sowieso nicht durchgekommen wäre. Also wartet man jetzt erstmal ab & guckt, ob sich nicht im Lauf der Zeit doch noch eine Mehrheit zusammenstellen läßt.
vgl.: EU bremst Ratifizierung von Investitionsabkommen mit China


Wie die EU Übernahmen aus China verhindern will

"Konkret sieht die EU-Verordnung vor, dass Firmen Übernahmen von der Kommission vorab genehmigen lassen müssen, wenn sie in den vergangenen drei Jahren von mehr als 50 Millionen Euro Subventionen durch Nicht-EU-Regierungen profitiert haben"

--- Das wird interessant zu sehen, wie die EU das in China überprüfen will, bei der ganzen kreativen Buchführung der Unternehmen & der Heimlichtuerei der Regierung.

"Machen Unternehmen falsche oder gar keine Angaben, drohen Strafen von bis zu einem Prozent des Umsatzes"

--- 'Bis zu...' & die übernommenen Firmen dürfen sie trotzdem behalten? Klingt nicht gut. Da lohnt es sich i.d.R. vermutlich, die Strafe in Kauf zu nehmen.

"Bis der Vorschlag Gesetz wird, können allerdings noch Jahre vergehen"

--- Ach, dann ist ja alles gut. Bis dahin kriegt man die kreative Buchführung so hingebogen, daß alle Übernahmen glatt durchgehen.


G7-Staaten wollen zunehmenden Einfluss Chinas bremsen

"Maas forderte auch, in der China-Politik einen stärkeren Fokus auf Menschenrechtsfragen zu legen. "Wirtschaftsinteressen gibt es überall, aber Fragen der Menschenrechte und der Freiheitsrechte müssen größeren Raum bekommen, wenn es um China geht""

--- & deswegen hat Deutschland (mit Italien) dafür gesorgt, daß in der Schlußerklärung keine Maßnahmen gegen China vorkommen? Maas ist eine echte Witzfigur.


China-Google startet mit fahrerlosen Taxis: Mehr als 5 Kilometer sind nicht drin

"Kunden können nur an acht festgelegten Haltestellen ein- oder aussteigen. Das gesamte Gelände im Pekinger Shougang-Sportpark umfasst 2,7 Quadratkilometer und die längste Fahrtstrecke beträgt 5 Kilometer"

--- & es gibt einen 'Sicherheitsbeauftragten' auf dem Fahrersitz, also ganz & gar, völlig & total fahrerlos. Noch dazu je nach zurückgelegter Strecke 2-3mal so teuer wie ein normales Taxi.
Reine Touristenfalle.

"Es wäre durchaus vorstellbar, das in zukünftigen Fahrzeugen deutscher Hersteller auch ein Teil der Baidu Apollo Software steckt"

--- Verzichte dankend.