China news roundup / Nachrichten 2021-04-26

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Revealed: UK solar projects using panels from firms linked to Xinjiang forced labour

"up to 40% of the UK’s solar farms were built using panels manufactured by China’s biggest solar panel companies, including Jinko Solar, JA Solar and Trina Solar.
These firms have been named in a recent report on the internment of more than 1 million men and women from the Muslim Uyghur community"

--- That's what happens when you outsource everything to China (& ruin European companies in the process) because their products are oh-so cheap. But, hey, that is only a problem because of some greedy private-owned companies. Right?

"The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) this month revealed plans to install the first of 80 solar farms on the army estate at Leconfield, east Yorkshire, using thousands of panels made by Trina Solar
[...] The UK’s Coal Authority, a government agency sponsored by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, has included solar panels made by JA Solar in a third of the solar farms it has built"

--- Well...

"polysilicon companies “appear actively to participate in the resettlement” of ethnic Uyghurs, where they “enlist resettled labour at production facilities in Xinjiang” and contribute to the Uyghur “re-education” programmes. The report claims the reliance on Xinjiang effectively “implicates the entire solar supply chain in the human rights atrocities”"

--- You should be very careful if you source anything (doesn't really matter what it is) from China.


How Are Foreign Rail Construction Projects Advancing China’s Interests?

"Importantly, railway construction projects also help to open up new markets for Chinese companies."

--- Just like the whole BRI is designed to at the minimum bring in a lot of money & if possible increase Chinese power & influence everywhere.


China says Australia must stick to 'One China' policy after Peter Dutton warns of conflict over Taiwan independence

"We hope that Australia will fully understand the high sensitivity of the Taiwan issue, adhere to the One China principle, be cautious in its words and actions, refrain from sending any wrong signals to the secessionist forces of Taiwan independence [...&...] stop interfering with normal exchanges and cooperation between the two countries"

--- Translation: Kowtow!


Beijing attacks head of Hong Kong Bar Assoc. over ‘politicised’ comments on peaceful protest

"Paul Harris, head of the Hong Kong Bar Association, had “spread distorted opinion, blatantly supported those who violated law, excusing those using using violence, smearing law enforcement, and putting pressure on the judiciary.”"

--- Yeah, how dare a lawyer have an opinion on legal matters!? At least if it differs from the official commie stance...
So, what ugly, violence-supporting trash did he say?

"“It seems to be the first time that imprisonment has been imposed for an entirely peaceful unauthorised procession,” said Harris. “In the past, the offence has usually been punished with a fine.”"

--- Outrageous! Almost a terrorist offence! He said what really happened. We can't have that!


Targeting China with trade reforms will not work - WTO head

"The dealings I have had with China have been very constructive and I think that if we put the facts on the table about the negative spillovers from such industrial subsidies and share them with China ... they will be willing to look at that."

--- Yeah, because that has worked so well in the past. Remember all those subsidies China 'looked at' in recent decades?


This year's Oscars could have been a moment of pride for China. Then politics got in the way

"no reports of her win could be found on the websites of state news agency Xinhua or state broadcaster CCTV. Social media posts sharing the news of her victory have also been censored
[...] Chinese internet users dug up a 2013 interview she gave to US movie magazine Filmmaker, during which she appeared to criticize the China of her childhood as a place "where there are lies everywhere.""

--- Also my experience in China. But, hey, don't speak the truth!

"Zhao has not spoken critically of China since she rose to fame, but it seems a single comment made eight years ago is enough to destroy her image"

--- Well, nammies may have a short memory, but they also have search engines & are obviously allowed to use VPN's.
Could become a problem for Marvel, though. I read somewhere Zhao is supposed to work on some Marvel movie in the future.

"on Weibo, many users left comments congratulating Zhao and criticized the nationalistic attack against her. But censorship soon kicked in, and the posts vanished within hours"

--- Thank you, CCP, for making me read this Oscars nonsense. But for emperor Xi, they seem to carry quite some importance:

'They cut the VPN': Oscars screening party in Shanghai runs into snag

"the screening, hosted by the Alumni Society of New York University, didn't start until 10 a.m., when organiser Kevin Ke got his VPN service to work
[...] Ke told Reuters that his WeChat account was shut down after he wrote a post praising Zhao"

--- A lot of effort just because she said one 'unpatriotic' sentence a long time ago. But actually that shows you nicely the direction China has taken under emperor Xi.


China’s state rocket company unveils rendering of a Starship look-alike

"The concept is notable not only for its appearance to Starship—the vehicle's exterior is shiny, like the stainless steel structure of Starship, and the first and second stages are similarly seamless—but in its function as well."

--- Wouldn't be too surprised if the used technology would be the same, too. Chinese espionage goes after everything & everyone, anyway.

"This would not be the first time that the Chinese space program has drawn inspiration from SpaceX. [...] During the company's very first launch in 2006, as reported in the book Liftoff, a Chinese spy boat was in the small patch of ocean where the Falcon 1 rocket's first stage was due to reenter."

--- Inspiration. What a nice word. Better yet, in the future, the CCP will call it one of the great modern inventions of China.



--- China Uncensored: "National Security Education Day “Celebrated” in Hong Kong"


--- ABC News (AUS): "Why is China censoring Chloe Zhao's Oscar's win?"


--- ABC News in-depth: "Why is China punishing Australia? The human impact of the trade war"


--- CRUX: China Suspends Cargo Flights Bringing Key Medical Supplies to India Despite Its Diplomatic Promises



Wie China alle Beiträge über Chloé Zhao zensiert

"In der gesamten Staats- und Parteipresse gab es am Montag keine Berichte über die Oscarverleihung und Zhaos Film „Nomadland“
[...] Im Internet wurden die meisten Beiträge zu dem Thema, selbst einfache Gratulations-Posts, innerhalb von Stunden gelöscht. In chinesischen Suchmaschinen wurden die Namen der Regisseurin und ihres Films blockiert."

--- & warum der ganze Aufwand? Wessen ist diese Beinaheterroristin schuldig? Welch grausliche Tat hat sie begangen?

"Der Grund für all das dürfte ein Interview sein, das die Regisseurin im Jahr 2013 der Zeitschrift „Filmmaker“ gegeben hatte. Über ihre Jugend in China hatte Chloé Zhao damals gesagt, sie sei an einem Ort aufgewachsen, „wo es überall Lügen gibt“"

--- Sie hat die Wahrheit gesagt! Sowas geht ja nun gar nicht. Kaiser Xi ist nicht amüsiert.