China news roundup / Nachrichten 2021-05-06

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Beijing accuses G7 ministers of interfering in China’s affairs

"Wang Wenbin. “They should not criticise and interfere with other countries with a superior mentality, and undermine the current top priority of international anti-epidemic cooperation.” [sic]"

--- What exactly was this imperialist Western interference (even after most imperialist Germany watered down any China-critical content):

"“In line with its obligations under international and national law we call on China to respect human rights and fundamental freedoms.”
The foreign ministers urged China “to participate constructively in the rules-based international system”"

--- What a horrible interference in Chinese internal affairs! Such insolence!


China 'indefinitely' suspends key economic dialogue with Australia

"Recently, some Australian Commonwealth Government officials launched a series of measures to disrupt the normal exchanges and cooperation between China and Australia out of Cold War mindset and ideological discrimination"

--- Yeah, all those terrible discriminatory measures, like overtaxing Australian wine exports as well as blocking coal, lobster, barley & grape exports. Australian imperialists are really hurting poor, little, innocent China.

"The move appears to the be the latest in a string of tit-for-tat measures between both countries."

--- Hmm, much more Chinese tit for Australian tat, it seems.
If Australia really wanted to hurt China, it could: by stopping iron ore exports. But I suspect, the Australian government is much too afraid to lose all that money to use this lever.
cf.: Iron ore is saving Australia's trade with China. How long can it last?


Hong Kong court jails three on riot charges despite no evidence of rioting

"district court judge, En-nest Lin [...] said even though there was no evidence the trio were involved in any rioting, their presence at the rally in October 2019 encouraged other protesters
[...] Lin said the harsh sentences were required as a deterrent and that the accused must face the same punishment as those who broke the law, under the “joint enterprise” principle"

--- Guilt by association. Hong Kong justice is becoming truly Chinese.
Meanwhile, lighting candles is obviously worth 10 months jail time, too: 4 Hong Kong activists including Joshua Wong handed jail terms over banned Tiananmen Massacre vigil


Hotlines ‘ring out’: China’s military crisis strategy needs rethink, says Biden Asia chief

"Even during the cold war, we had much more effective crisis communications between the United States and the Soviet Union"

--- Well, the CCP's baseline is: It's always your fault, never ours.
Hence, it's the foreign countries' duty to be aware of Chinese red lines, to understand Chinese sensibilities & to retreat if China moves forward. & if anything goes wrong, it must be the fault of those dirty foreign barbarians.


Uyghur School Director, Brother of RFA Reporter Jailed For 14 Years After Stint in Xinjiang Camp

"There was a book they found in his house, and that was apparently the reason he was detained
[...] They said he had a book with extremist content.
[...] the court had only mentioned the “extremist” book as part of his sentence, without elaborating. “They said something like 14 years [in prison]"

--- OK, Hong Kong has still some work to do to catch up with Chinese justice. 14 years (+ camp time) for owning the wrong book is really something.

Ramadan in China: Faithful dwindle under limits on religion

"“Patriotism is a part of faith” and “be a Muslim who loves the motherland, abide by the national constitution, laws and regulations.”
“Continue the sinicization of Islam in our country,” the foreword reads. “Guide Islam to adapt to a socialist society.”"

--- Translation: Throw away the Quran & instead read about 'Xi Jinping Though'. & only believe in emperor Xi as the one true god.


Philippines' Duterte apologises for taking unapproved China jab

"Mr Duterte said he only got the Sinopharm shot under a compassionate use clause, and that his doctors had advised him to get vaccinated.
"Don't follow my footsteps," Mr Duterte said, according to local media reports. "It's dangerous because there are no studies, it might not be good for the body. Just let me be the sole person to receive it."
[...] the only approved vaccines available in the country are AstraZeneca and Sinovac and both are being administered to frontline workers and vulnerable groups"

--- How nuts is Duterte?


Commentary: Millions of people in China just don't want to be poor anymore

"Its per capita GDP in purchasing power parity (PPP) terms – with income adjusted to take account of the cost of living – was US$16,800.
This is below the global average of US$17,810 and puts China 86th in the world, between Suriname (US$17,260) and Bosnia and Herzegovina (US$16,290)."

--- Something to remind those morons of who keep telling us how great China is doing.

"To engage effectively with China, other countries should remember: Contrary to first impressions, it is not an economic monolith.
Behind the world’s second-highest GDP are hundreds of millions of people who just want to stop being poor."

--- Don't really understand the point of this article. Does she want to tell us that we should let China do whatever it wants, because any punitive measure might hurt the poor?


China mystery animal box craze causes outrage

"The "blind box" craze sees people order a box containing an animal that is then sent to them through the post.
[...] A range of the boxes containing animals such as tortoises, lizards and rats have been reported for sale on sites such as Taobao.
[...] intercepted a vehicle carrying 160 dogs and cats, all under three months old. It said a number of them had died"

--- Imagine receiving a box with a dead dog. You call your kid to open the box & out fall the half-decomposed remains.
Not to forget, half of those animals that survive the voyage will probably be abandoned (or killed) because they were not the wanted species.



China slams New Zealand parliament's Uyghur concerns

Where is New Zealand’s ‘values-based’ foreign policy when it comes to the Uyghurs?

How China turned a prize-winning iPhone hack against the Uyghurs

Young, educated Hongkongers earning 25% less than 25 years ago



--- DW News: "Hong Kong: Joshua Wong sentenced to 10 more months - Tiananmen vigil to be restricted?"


--- Bloomberg: "Baengnyeongdo: A South Korean Island Facing China Threats"


--- CNA: China ‘indefinitely’ suspends economic dialogue with Australia as relations worsen


--- ABC News: What would conflict with China look like?



Störung auf der Neuen Seidenstraße

"Natürlich fehlt es nicht an Warnungen aus Deutschland vor einem "neuen Kalten Krieg". Freilich entstammen solche Warnungen weniger der Sorge um den Frieden als der Sorge um das Geschäft."

--- Offensichtlich.

"Zu Recht bezeichnet Bütikofer das Einfrieren des Investitionsschutzabkommens als "eine persönliche Blamage" für Xi. Er habe seine Ziele trotz erheblicher Hilfe von Merkel und Macron nicht erreicht."

--- Weswegen das in China auch so wenig wie möglich erwähnt wird.


China weist Sorgen vor herabfallenden Trümmern seiner Rakete zurück

"Die meisten Trümmer werden beim Wiedereintritt in die Erdatmosphäre verbrennen, sodass nur ein sehr kleiner Teil übrig bleibt, der auf die Erde fällt, was potenziell in Gebieten weit weg von menschlichen Aktivitäten oder im Ozean landen wird"

--- Also überhaupt keine Gefahr. 2/3 der Erde sind Ozean, vielleicht 10% sind bewohnt. Folglich kann nach unseren perfekten, chinesischen Berechnungen gar nichts passieren.

"Nach dem ersten Flug des neuen Raketentyps im Mai 2020 waren Trümmer in der westafrikanischen Elfenbeinküste niedergegangen und hatten nach lokalen Berichten Häuser beschädigt."

--- Äh ... also ... Es ist niemand gestorben! Also ist doch alles in Ordnung. Chabuduo!


Nio-Autos sollen bald in Europa fahren

"Seine Firma Nio ist noch viel wertvoller, auf dem Papier sogar mehr als BMW."

--- Ein Witz. Aber gut, desgleichen gilt für Tesla.

"Ein Elektroauto, das Design aus Deutschland, die Software aus dem Silicon Valley - gefertigt in China."

--- Also eine der großen neuen Erfindungen aus China.

"Seit 2018 ist ihre Firma Nio an der New Yorker Börse notiert und ein Milliardengeschäft, nachdem es zwischenzeitlich beinahe so aussah, als gehe Nio die Puste aus"

--- Wurde nur durch milliarden an Staatsgeldern gerettet. Aber darüber reden wir lieber nicht.


Das Design-Reich der Mitte

"eine Generation von Designern bereitet, die mit freiem, unbefangenem Blick auf ihr Land schaut"

--- Guter Witz. Bin mir ziemlich sicher, daß dieser freie, unbefangene Blick von KP-Gittern & -Mauern zugestellt ist.



Weitere Haftstrafe für Joshua Wong