China news roundup / Nachrichten 2020-01-22

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English news:

China says it is a 'victim' after Twitter locks embassy account

"China is ... a major victim. There are many false and ugly [pieces of] information about China on Xinjiang-related issues."

--- Yes, a major victim. Actually, an eternal victim of ugly, Western imperialists who try to silence poor, little, innocent China. We have every right to commit human rights abuses, colonialise & exterminate, & lie about it, because we are the real victims.

"The embassy's account, meanwhile, will remain locked until the Tweet is deleted"

--- Wouldn't it be ironic if Twitter actually forced them to post an apology? Maybe even ask for a struggle session of the ambassador?

EU Parliament condemns China deal over Hong Kong crackdown

"MEPs meeting by video link in Brussels overwhelmingly passed the resolution which broadly condemned the crackdown on Hong Kong activists by the central government in China"

--- Bodes well for the time when the EP has to vote for or against the deal.

"The resolution said parliament will “carefully scrutinise” the deal and will take the human rights situation in China into account when it votes on the deal."

--- If they are consequent, there can only be one decision.

China deal damages EU's human rights credibility, MEPs to say

"the Institut Montaigne finds the agreement could not have been negotiated at a worse time, provides minimal additional market access and contains currently “next to no means” to enforce Chinese assurances over the eradication of forced labour"

--- Yep.

"Given China’s track record, it is impossible to rely on goodwill to implement commitments and unwise to believe that on key issues, a top-down political process between both parties can be substituted to legal arbitration."

--- Everyone knows that, seemingly except the EU negotiators.

China's COVID-19 vaccines are being given the green light without the data being revealed. Why?

"If you've got nothing to hide, and you believe in the safety and efficacy of your product, why wouldn't you want other people to reaffirm that?"

--- Because we are Chinese. If you don't just trust us, you victimise us & show your imperialist motives.

"While China has joined COVAX, neither of its leading vaccine candidates are being considered for distribution under the scheme."

--- Maybe the WHO is not completely under Chinese control yet, & there is still some scientific integrity left.

China's telecom giants ask for Wall Street relisting

"In near-identical statements the telecoms firms, which are state-backed in China, said they "had complied strictly with the laws and regulations, market rules as well as regulatory requirements"."

--- Surely not because they are SOE's & the CCP told them what to say. Must be just convergent interests of like-minded companies.

China’s surging private space industry is out to challenge the US

"the November 7 launch of Ceres-1, a new type of rocket"

--- Well, new type. Mostly solid-fuelled, like all the other 'private' Chinese rockets to date.

"the space industry could be worth up to $2.7 trillion by 2030"

--- The Chinese government smells money, so it allowed a certain amount of private entrepreneurship not to lose out.

"To a large extent, China is following the same blueprint drawn up by the US: using government contracts and subsidies to give these companies a foot up
[...] While Chinese companies may look private on paper, they must still submit to government guidance and control, and accept some level of interference."

--- & in some cases have very close relationships to the Chinese military.

--- Other news:

The right condemns China over its Uighur abuses. The left must do so too

Trapped miner dies of head injury after gold mine explosion

Video News:

--- WION: "Gravitas: China latest outbreak spreads to Beijing"

--- CBN News: "Hong Kong Christians Prepare for Possible Persecution from China"


Deutsche Nachrichten:

Da hat sich was angestaut

"Rund 11.000 Kilometer, etwa 16 Tage über Kasachstan, Russland, Weißrussland und Polen.
[...] Waren im Jahr 2019 nur 620 Lkw auf der Route unterwegs, stieg die Zahl im Corona-Jahr 2020 auf 36.000"

--- Seltsam. Angeblich wurde doch die Schiene für die Neue Seidenstraße großartig ausgebaut. Trotzdem hat man jetzt Probleme mit dem gestiegenen Volumen?
(& natürlich die Frage, auf wessen CO2-Konto das wohl geht...)

Citizen Score: Chinas soziales Kreditsystem nicht mehr im Plan

"Nach Ansicht von Jeremy Daum, Forscher am Paul Tsai China Center an der Yale Law School, geht es Peking im Kern eh um Propaganda. Den Bürgern solle beigebracht werden, ehrlich zu sein. Die Rede vom "Citizen Score" habe vor allem erzieherischen Charakter."

--- Ja, genau, alles völlig harmlos. Hat rein gar nichts mit Kontrolle & Machterhalt zu tun.