China news roundup / Nachrichten 2020-01-20

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Sorry for not editing the titles in recent days. I seem to be losing it a bit recently. Maybe dementia around the corner?

English news:

Mike Pompeo declares China's treatment of Uighurs 'genocide'

"These crimes are ongoing and include: the arbitrary imprisonment or other severe deprivation of physical liberty of more than one million civilians, forced sterilization, torture of a large number of those arbitrarily detained, forced labor, and the imposition of draconian restrictions on freedom of religion or belief, freedom of expression and freedom of movement"

--- Mostly what I would call cultural genocide, but together with forced sterilisation & abortion it's probably an actual genocide.

"This is the loudest wake-up call yet to the global business community about the costs of partnering with firms in Xinjiang."

--- Sorely needed, it seems: Foreigners poured money into China as the world struggled with the coronavirus pandemic

Video shows Wuhan lab scientists admit to being bitten by bats

"From the 8:42-8:47 mark, one team member is wearing full scrubs, mask, and scrub cap, while another is in street clothes, scrub cap, and mask, and the third person, possibly Shi, is handing samples with her bare hands.
[...] The video cuts back to the interior of the lab, where Hu Ben (胡犇) is shown overseeing a woman as she handles specimens from 10:26 to 10:33. Neither is wearing a mask."

--- Totally normal professional Chinese behaviour. Cha bu duo (good enough).
(Not necessarily news, BTW, last year already we heard of a Chinese scientist from that lab, proudly describing how he was without PPE completely covered in bat faeces.)

"one of the members of the WHO investigation team, Peter Daszak, has been accused of having a conflict of interest, as his firm EcoHealth Alliance has a partnership with the WIV"

--- No problem there, the whole WHO is in the pockets of the CCP, so this doesn't change much.

'Appalling': Chinese official clashes with BBC reporter over wild Covid claim

"We should rely on scientists and medical experts to arrive at a conclusion based on science and facts. This is our consistent and official stance"

--- Translation: We should rely on scientists and medical experts as long as they come to the conclusion that the virus did not originate in China.

"Since it's a matter of science and the WHO experts to China are still conducting their research, then why were there so many conspiracy theories against China?"

--- Since it's a matter of science and the WHO experts to China are still conducting their research, then why are Chinese state media producing new origin tales weekly?

China is hitting back at criticism of its vaccines with a dangerous disinformation campaign

"the state-run tabloid Global Times, wrote on Saturday. "The press is out to destroy the reputation of the Chinese vaccine""

--- Another valued Chinese tradition: shoot the messenger. It's not the lack of information & efficacy of Chinese vaccines that's the problem, it's the reporting about it.
(BTW, also nice that the GT admits it is not part of the press.)

"Hu's paper has led the way in defending Chinese-produced vaccines, not by establishing their effectiveness, but by seeking to tear down the reputation of other candidates"

--- Also a valued (commie) Chinese tradition: the pot calling the kettle black.

Inner Mongolia pursues coal-led recovery, defying Beijing’s climate goals

"Inner Mongolia was the most striking example of a nationwide trend of increased coal consumption, as officials turned to traditional industries to revive the economy from the impacts of Covid-19"

--- No problem there. Emperor Xi proclaimed a pollution peak in 2030 & there it will. We will make sure all calculations will point to that.

China still needs Australia to power its economic recovery

"China needs more iron ore and Australia is still its main supplier
[...] being responsible for some 60% of the iron ore that China imports"

--- & much of it is of a particular quality, IIRC. China needs this, & that's the only reason that it is not part of China's blockade of Australian products.

China talent programs may be accessing Australian technology, linked to grant fraud

"The new research has identified 325 participants in CCP talent-recruitment programs from Australian research institutions, with many having conflicting commitments such as maintaining jobs in China while also being employed full-time in Australia"

--- Academic honesty with Chinese characteristics.

"CCP talent recruitment activity in Australia may be associated with as much as AU$280 million in grant fraud over the past two decades"

--- Academic honesty with Chinese characteristics.
(Grant fraud is not the main problem, IMO. More damaging is the IP which is channelled into China.)

Trapped Chinese miners say thanks for medicine, call for sausages

"they are grateful for nutritional liquids and medicine delivered via a long thin communication tunnel, but would really like some pork sausages"

--- Partially this article reads like the usual claptrap you would see on Chinese media. They tell you how great the response by the rescue services is & not much about the situation, except that it's not as bad as it may seem.

Video News:

--- China Unscripted: "Censored by Uncle Roger—Strictly Dumpling Makes “Incorrect” Remarks About China"

--- WION: "Gravitas: How the W.H.O. is shielding China"

--- NCUSCR: "Toxic Politics: China’s Environmental Health Crisis Challenges the Chinese State | Yanzhong Huang"

Not in the news (yet):

Das Mittelalter meldet sich in China mal wieder

Deutsche Nachrichten:

Mangelnde Sicherheit bei Corona-Forschung in China

"Wie unbedarft aber einige Mitarbeiter des Wuhan Insitute of Virology (WIV) beim Umgang mit möglicherweise hochansteckenden Coronaviren agierten, zeigt eine Dokumentation, die der Staatssender CCTV bereits 2017 ausstrahlte."

--- Lüge! Wir haben das Video schon lange gelöscht, also gab es diese Dokumentation nie.

"Die Dokumentation zeigt ungewollt, dass die Sicherheitsvorkehrungen nicht nur bei der Untersuchung in der Höhle, sondern auch im Labor vergleichsweise lax gehandhabt wurden. Bei der Untersuchung der in Yunan gesammelten Proben tragen die Labortechniker zwar Handschuhe und einen Kittel, aber keine Schutzkleidung oder eine Atemschutzmaske."

--- Weiß nicht, ob es dieses Video ist, aber es gab auch eines, in dem einer der Forscher es lustig fand, ohne Schutzausrüstung quasi in Fledermausfäkalien gesuhlt zu haben.
Dieses Video zeigt also nicht unbedingt Neues über die Zustände in chinesischen Forschungsinstituten. Trotzdem wichtig.

Pompeo wirft China Völkermord vor

"China strebe eine "erzwungene Assimilation und letztlich Auslöschung" der Uiguren an"

--- Faire Einschätzung, v.a. wenn man die (im Artikel nicht erwähnte) Zwangssterilisierungen & -abtreibungen berücksichtigt.

Wie sich Eisenketten anfühlen

"Er muss Handschellen tragen – und wird zusätzlich noch in Ketten gelegt. Aber selbst in dieser Situation träumt er von der Freiheit."

--- Naja, würde sagen 'gerade' in dieser Situation...
Nicht zufällig werden in HK relativ harmlose Dissidenten jetzt wie Schwerstverbrecher behandelt. Für die Kommis sind sie ja wesentlich gefährlicher als ein simpler Mörder.

Streit um Taiwan: China verhängt Sanktionen gegen US-Beamte

"Welche Strafmassnahmen konkret gegen welche Beamte oder Regierungsmitglieder erhoben werden, sagte die chinesische Aussenamtssprecherin Hua Chunying am Montag vor der Presse in Peking allerdings nicht. "

--- Ist auch unwichtig, da diese Maßnahmen rein symbolisch sind.