China news roundup / Nachrichten 2020-12-31/2021-01-01

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English news:

Trump was briefed that China sought to pay non-state actors to attack US forces in Afghanistan

"China sought to pay non-state actors to attack American forces in Afghanistan"

--- Which could haunt them in the long run. Just like when the CIA financed the Taliban in the 80's.

"China "has always pursued an independent foreign policy of peace""

--- Pax sinica, that is. You submit & we won't hurt you.

China clamps down in hidden hunt for coronavirus origins

"a pattern of government secrecy and top-down control that has been evident throughout the pandemic
[...] Military teams and others are working hard on this, but whether it gets published all depends on the outcome."

--- Scientific research with Chinese characteristics.

"The order said communication and publication of research had to be orchestrated like “a game of chess” under instructions from Xi"

--- Grandmaster emperor Xi plays against the world. So, everything must be done to support him.

"Coronavirus expert Peter Daszak, a member of the WHO team, said identifying the pandemic’s source should not be used to assign guilt."

--- Unless, of course, the source would be found outside China. Then we can blame as much as we like.

Covid-19: China approves Sinopharm vaccine for general use

"no detailed data from trials have been publicly released
[...] We can't simply evaluate a vaccine based on a drugmaker's statement..."

--- As we all know, Chinese quality control is beyond great. & therefore we can trust 100% in the efficacy of all Chinese medicine.

China-EU investment deal: draft text shows Beijing to broadly open market to European firms, but some sectors remain off limits

"In some important sectors, including automotive, aviation and health care, the playing field is set to remain decidedly uneven
[...] Industries considered sensitive by the Chinese government, such as research and development, market research, and many forms of mapping and surveying, will remain strictly off limits
[...] restrictions will remain in the energy, smelting and salt industries
[...] Beijing will not be obliged to declare the aid it provides the manufacturing or industrial sectors"

--- So, on Chinese side nothing much changes essentially, except for a few 'commitments'. Only market access in non-essential sectors will be allowed, which only means that European investment is wanted.

"Now we have a commitment to this transparency"

--- Yeah, & Chinese commitments are completely trustworthy.

"In exchange, the EU confirms the openness of its market"

--- ie. Chinese companies can do in Europe whatever they like, with very few exceptions.

"new controls imposed earlier in December on inbound investment that could supersede the EU deal, since both parties are permitted to maintain their respective investment screening protocols"

--- So, just in time, Beijing introduced some new regulations which make 'commitments' in the agreement rather useless.
& all this is from a pro-China SCMP-article (which you can see from the fact that bigger problems, like concentration camps, are not even mentioned). You can only guess how bad that deal really is.

Hong Kong activist Jimmy Lai returned to jail until at least February

"The decision will keep the 76-year-old in jail until at least February, even though he has not been accused of a violent crime and is not considered a flight risk"

--- So, any hopes of an at least somewhat independent justice are gone now, too.

"Lai is notorious and extremely dangerous"

--- He openly criticises the CCP & he owns a newspaper! What a terrorist!

Wall Street to kick out Chinese telecom giants

"The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) said it will delist [...] China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom Hong Kong"

--- There was never a good reason to list them in the first place.

You will be assimilated: the dragon is hungry

"much of China today as a political-territorial entity has relatively shallow historical roots and derives from the Manchu Empire
[...] The Chinese have never had a history of assimilating Tibetans and Uighurs on the frontiers because these territories are relatively new acquisitions"

--- Ouch! That hurt the feelings of all Chinese.

--- Other news:

Chinese court sentences 29 Taiwanese deported from Spain

'Nowhere to be found': Harvard coalition says US must fight to free young Uighur leader

Why China Is Winning Against India

Video News:

--- China Uncensored begins the new year with a weekend news variety:

--- DW News: "EU-China Investment deal: At what expense?"

--- WION: "Gravitas: China attempts to rewrite the story of Wuhan with a party"

--- BBC News: Zhang Zhan: The 'rebellious soul' jailed for filming Wuhan

Deutsche Nachrichten:

Trump über Kopfgeld Chinas auf amerikanische Soldaten unterrichtet

"Es gebe Hinweise darauf, dass China nicht-staatlichen Akteuren in Afghanistan Geld für Angriffe auf amerikanische Soldaten in dem Land angeboten haben soll"

--- Was lustig ist, weil diese nicht-staatlichen Akteure auch nicht sehr chinafreundlich sind. Deren Freunde in Pakistan verüben gleichzeitig nämlich Anschläge auf chinesische Projekte der chinesischen Gürtelrose ... äh ... BRI.

Die heikle Suche nach dem Ursprung des Coronavirus

"Es gehe mehr darum, mit den chinesischen Kollegen zu schauen, welche Spuren noch verfolgt werden sollten. »Das wird das Maximum sein.«
[...] Die Suche nach den Ursprüngen sollte eigentlich wissenschaftlich neutral ablaufen, sei aber politisch heikel. Das verheiße »nichts Gutes« für die WHO-Mission"

--- Die chinahörige WHO schickt eine Delegation nach China, die quasi von der KPCh zusammengestellt wurde, die nur unter chinesischer Aufsicht arbeiten kann, die nur mit ausgewählten chinesischen Wissenschaftlern reden darf & die fast ausschließlich auf chinesische 'Erkenntnisse' zurückgreifen muss. Wie wird das Ergebnis dieser Reise wohl aussehen?
s.a.: Schweigen und verschleiern

China lässt ersten Corona-Impfstoff zu

"Bislang fehlte es international weitgehend an Vertrauen in die chinesischen Vakzine, auch weil kaum Testergebnisse veröffentlicht wurden"

--- Kaiser Xi hat diesen Impfstoff höchstpersönlich entwickelt, welcher dadurch natürlich göttlichen Beifall findet. Der muss einfach super sein.

--- Sonstiges:

Medienunternehmer Lai muss wieder in Haft

China kappt Beihilfen für Elektroautos