China news roundup / Nachrichten 2020-11-26

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English news:

China censors Canadian curriculums at international schools

"“The main goal is to be respectful to the vision of the Chinese Communist Party,” said Michael Frazer, a former elementary school teacher at the Canadian International School of Beijing."

--- You wonder whether such people would also be "respectful to the vision of the NSDAP" when teachin in 1930's Germany.

"So we wouldn’t want to bring up the Hong Kong protests for human rights. But we could bring up the United States protests for human rights."

--- & thereby promoting Chinese regime propaganda.

"It is helpful to teachers in China to steer them away from topics likely to create anger or provoke government reprisals"

--- If your teachers are so stupid as to not find ways to address these topics without aggravating their students, you wonder whether they are qualified to teach in China in the first place.

"Our job and the reason that we were in China was to provide a pathway to graduation, so that the Chinese kids could get into Western universities"

--- & so we can earn some wonderful Chinese money.

Joe Biden is going to need a new China strategy

"Even the number “14” in China’s list of grievances reveals the gravity of the threats. [...] Fourteen, then, sounds like “certain death” or “is dead” in Mandarin."

--- & yes, Chinese commies are that superstitious.

"Germany is also economically intertwined with China, its largest trading partner"

--- Meh, much more German trade is done with the EU. German politicians & economists tend to exaggerate Chinese importance.

"A China that feels strong enough to threaten U.S. allies is a different China than the Obama administration ever faced. Coming to grips with this reality is the largest and most complex task Biden’s foreign policy team will face"

--- We will see how that works out. I'm moderately optimistic that the team behind is more competent than Biden himself.

'Not here to be bullied': UK weighs in on China hitlist

"China's decision to issue a list of the grievances it has with Australia is "an extremely aggressive act" and could oblige the UK to follow Australia's lead"

--- Nice of China to help with waking up Western politics.

Chinese fishing plant in Torres Strait raises alarm for Australian industry and islanders

"A $200m Chinese-built fishery plant planned for a Papua New Guinean island could allow Chinese-backed commercial vessels to fish legally in the Torres Strait
[...] the deal could attract Chinese funding for PNG-flagged vessels"

--- Which in the end probably means Chinese funded ships with Chinese crews delivering fish to a Chinese-owned processing plant which then sells the fish in China. Some PNG politicians will get rich(-er) through bribes, while the local PNG population will become even poorer.

Chinese buyers look to cancel U.S. soybean orders as processing margins shrink

"China stepped up soy imports to a record this year as it rebuilds a pig herd decimated by deadly African swine fever in 2018 and 2019"

--- Perhaps the build-up is not as successful as planned?

The psychology behind ‘revenge bedtime procrastination’

"the average Chinese employee only had 2.42 hours per day when they were not at work or asleep"

--- In my case, that would be just enough time for a meal.

"reports suggest that companies are digging in even more when it comes to overtime as they try to bounce back from losses caused by Covid-19
[...] Chinese companies see their working culture as an advantage over markets like the US or Europe where people tend to work fewer hours"

--- Yep. Many of my Chinese students thought the same, seeing Westerners as lazy. Although, I suspect that having a 996-job after graduation might change that perspective a bit.
I wonder whether there will be some kind of national burn-out syndrome in China, sooner or later.

Understanding traditional Chinese medicine can help protect species

"Pushing messages of inefficacy, providing various forms of scientific evidence or promoting biomedical alternatives doesn't seem to be drastically influencing decisions and behaviors"

--- No wonder, when the CCP is pushing TCM, because emperor Xi is a big fan.

"although many practices and treatments continue to be criticized for lacking scientific support, the World Health Organization approved the inclusion of traditional Chinese medicine in its global compendium of medical practices last year"

--- Because the WHO is led by CCP lapdogs.

A Brief History of China’s One-Child Policy

"Each child now stands to inherit the wealth of four grandparents in addition to two parents, but each child is also expected to shoulder the burden of taking care of the same six elders in later years."

--- Because social welfare is a very low priority in socialism with Chinese characteristics.

Video News:

--- ABC News: "How Australia’s fractured relationship with China can be repaired"

--- SCMP: "Hong Kong protests – China's Rebel City: Part 4"

--- VICE: "The Protest Restaurants of Hong Kong"

Deutsche Nachrichten:

Chinas "Impfstoff-Diplomatie"

""Ein Impfstoff aus China, wenn er dann zugänglich ist, wird ein öffentliches Gut sein", sagte Staats- und Parteichef Xi Jinping bei einer WHO-Konferenz.
[...] Davon ist jetzt keine Rede mehr - chinesische Regierungsvertreter sprechen nun von einem "fairen und vernünftigen Preis""

--- Wer hätte das gedacht? Ein öffentliches Gut der chinesischen Art.

Die deutsche Haxe ist doch nicht schuld

"Die lokale Seuchenschutzbehörde will herausgefunden haben, dass es stattdessen tiefgekühlte Schweinsköpfe aus Nordamerika waren"

--- Hmm, hatte man nicht angeblich herausgefunden, daß die DNA mit in Europa verbreiteten Virenstämmen identisch war?

"Staat und Partei verbreiten derweil die Lesart, dass die Pandemie keineswegs in Wuhan begonnen habe, sondern womöglich über Tiefkühlkost nach China eingeschleppt worden sei"

--- Denn wie wir alle wissen, ernähren sich die Fledermäuse aus Yunnan mit Vorliebe von italienischer Tiefkühlkost.

Offener Dialog zwischen China und Japan

"Die souveräne Lösung beim zweitägigen Besuch am Dienstag und Mittwoch: Man versicherte sich gegenseitig, dass stabile Beziehungen sowohl für die Region als auch für die Welt wichtig seien."

--- Was ist an leeren Worten souverän?
Wie ernst China diese Verhandlungen nimmt, sieht man daran, daß nur Stunden nach Abschluss wieder ein Schiff zu den Senkakus geschickt wurde.