China news roundup / Nachrichten 2020-11-24

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English news:

Pope Francis refers to China's Uyghurs as 'persecuted' for the first time

"I think often of persecuted peoples: the Rohingya, the poor Uyghurs, the Yazidi -- what ISIS did to them was truly cruel -- or Christians in Egypt and Pakistan killed by bombs"

--- That's it. All the mention of Uighurs by the pope. & yet, it's enough to provoke China:

"Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said that Pope Francis's inclusion of Uyghurs on a list of persecuted peoples was "totally groundless.""

--- Well, at least they didn't demand an apology. (Not yet, that is.)

Satellite images appear to show China developing area along disputed border with India and Bhutan

"Bhutan's ambassador to India, Major General Vetsop Namgyel, said "there is no Chinese village inside Bhutan.""

--- We just ceded the area to China, because we like Chinese money so much.

"Bhutan is traditionally a strong ally of India's
[...] That appears to be shifting, however"

--- Tradition changes when the big bully to the north gains power & has a lot of money to spend.

"The continued gradual reinforcement of positions, and angrily rebuffed allegations of encroachment, has echoes of Beijing's behavior in the South China Sea"

--- Yep, but unlike most nations around the South China Sea, Bhutan seems to be alright with Chinese encroachment.

Chongqing Entrepreneur Gets 20 Years For 'Subversion' in Nationwide Campaign

"Li was targeted by Sun Lijun, then deputy minister of public security, after a charitable foundation he ran started talking about official corruption"

--- There is no corruption in China unless emperor Xi says so & the accused is one of Xi's opponents!

Most people in China believe corruption falling, says Transparency International

"Xi’s anti-corruption campaign has seen the investigation and punishment of millions of officials, as well as accusations that it has been used to get rid of political opponents."

--- There may actually be less corruption in the lower ranks nowadays, because it's easy to become accused by being associated with the wrong people (ie. cadres that belong to a faction losing to emperor Xi's buddies).

Champagne warns tough talk on China could hurt efforts to free Kovrig, Spavor

"Let's not fall into the temptation of tough and irresponsible rhetoric that will generate no tangible result for Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor, our farmers and entrepreneurs, and human rights victims and advocates."

--- Yes! We need to pander to the mafia, talk nice about the mafia & in general do what the mafia wants us to. Then the mafia will be nice to us, too. Certainly.

India bans 43 more Chinese apps over cybersecurity concerns

"At this point, there doesn’t appear to be any Chinese app left in the top 500 apps used in India"

--- Good on India.

China has 8 million blind people, but only 200 guide dogs

"China only had some 200 dogs in service as of April
[...] the country's visually impaired population to be over 17 million"

--- Exemplary of the situation of disabled in China in general, for what I can see.

"Most Chinese cities, for example, have tactile paving designed to guide the blind lining sidewalks along major streetslead straight into trees, lamp posts or fire hydrants."

--- Have seen that everywhere in China. Ridiculous situation.

"The Law on the Protection of Disabled Persons says "blind persons shall comply with relevant state regulations when entering public places with guide dogs," but it doesn't specify what the "relevant state regulations" are"

--- Typical Chinese law.

China’s Coming Chang’e 5 Launch: Strategic Implications

"the moon could serve as a new and tremendous supplier of energy and resources for human beings…this is crucial to sustainable development of human beings on Earth…Whoever first conquers the moon will benefit first"

--- Take note of the language here.

"In China’s strategic imagination, the moon is similar to the disputed islands in the South China Sea (SCS), the possession of whose resources will not only augment China’s space capacity but result in its lead position in deep space"

--- Just like the 'islands' in the South China Sea, we can expect China to claim ownership. It might be a good idea for the rest of the world to develop some kind of space force, because China most probably will.

Video News:

--- China Unscripted: "The Danger of a “China Reset”"

--- WION: "WHO: China to allow international experts to probe COVID-19 origin"

--- Chinese Cooking Demystified: "Why Chinese Food uses so much from the Americas"

Deutsche Nachrichten:

Freche Kopie des VW ID.3 aus China: Der Didi D1 sieht aus wie das Original

"Volkswagen lässt die Sache jedenfalls nicht auf sich beruhen – und will den „eineiigen Zwilling“ des VW ID.3 genauer unter die Lupe nehmen."

--- Mal sehen, ob die auch wirklich dagegen vorgehen werden. Wollen ja schließlich nicht ihr Chinageschäft gefährden.

Chinesisches Raumschiff ist auf dem Weg zum Mond

"Wir freuen uns darauf, zu sehen, wie das Einholen der Proben die internationale Wissenschaftsgemeinschaft voranbringen wird
[...] Er äußerte die Hoffnung, dass auch Wissenschaftler anderer Länder davon profitieren könnten, die "wertvolle Fracht" zu studieren"

--- Dann hoff mal schön. Die KPCh kümmert die "internationale Wissenschaftsgemeinschaft" keinen Deut. Es geht um nationalen Stolz & um Zugriff auf Ressourcen. Bestenfalls gibt es ein paar symbolische Brosamen für Wissenschaftler aus 'befreundeten' Ländern.