China news roundup / Nachrichten 2020-11-18

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English news:

'If you make China the enemy, China will be the enemy': Beijing's fresh threat to Australia

"blaming Canberra for "unfriendly or antagonistic" reports on China by independent Australian media"

--- How is it possible that a government doesn't control the media? Not acceptable! Keep your journalists under control!

"China is angry"

--- Poor little China. & no mummy to run to.

"It also accuses MPs of "outrageous condemnations of the governing party of China""

--- Just like the media, you need to control your MP's. If they don't do what the CCP wants, get rid of them. Better yet, get rid of this strange concept called democracy.

"We are a liberal democratic society with a free media and a parliamentary democracy, where elected members and media are entitled to freely express their views"

--- Under a pax sinica this is obviously not acceptable. If you want peace with China, you need to change!
(BTW, the list of 'grievances' is included in the article. Funny enough, much of it complains of stuff that actually the CCP is enforcing in China.)

China warns Australia and Japan over 'confrontational' new defence pact

"Japan and Australia “are recklessly taking the first step to conduct deep defence cooperation that targets a third party”"

--- Yes, they are completely reckless by an extreme arms build-up & by planning to attack peaceful China!
Here's proof:

Australia, Japan adopt defense pact, vexed by China's ocean forays

"The deal, dubbed Reciprocal Access Agreement, would streamline cooperation for exercises and disaster relief missions"

--- See?! Totally evil! Poor little China is extremely threatened by this malicious attempt at creating a superstrong attacking force!
Related Video: China warns of ‘inevitable countermeasures’ over Australia-Japan defence deal

Hong Kong police arrest 3 pro-democracy ex-lawmakers in connection with throwing foul-smelling objects in legislature

"[Police also said] the Legislative Council President Andrew Leung felt irritated, disturbed and frustrated"

--- That is obviously clearly illegal. You must be punished severely if you make a commie bigwig feel frustrated.
(Even if you were already fined before...)

China's new wildlife law doesn't go far enough to stop another pandemic

"Destruction of natural habitats, climate change, industrial livestock farming and exploitation of wildlife are all key drivers of both the biodiversity crisis and increased risk of pandemics"

--- Not really. An increased risk of pandemics exists mostly because international travel & trade. Virus exchange between humans & wild species was probably much greater at times when humans were still hunterer & gatherers & actually living among wildlife.

"allows commercial use of wild animals for non-food purposes, such as "exhibition" or traditional medicine. Moreover, the species that can still be bought and sold include some of the world's most endangered wild animals"

--- Because the CCP doesn't really care. & emperor Xi loves TCM.

"this is despite genuine progress in environmental policies elsewhere, such as Xi Jinping's recent pledge for carbon neutrality by 2060"

--- How moronic does the author have to be to on the one hand complain that China doesn't keep its promises regarding wildlife exploitation & on the other hand believe emperor Xi's promises?

'Better off thanks to China': German companies double down on resurgent giant

"After the initial panic, the public sector in particular turned its back on local producers again and now buys protection masks at the lowest price - and that’s often from China."

--- Which goes to show that politicians are just as shortsighted as industry leaders.

"“It’s impossible to ignore China because its market and growth opportunities are simply too big,” said Mair of SWP. “But most German firms are well aware they are not doing themselves a favour if they put all their eggs in one basket.”"

--- & yet, the lure of short term profit is stronger than long term adverse effects.

Mapping and recalibrating Europe’s economic interdependence with China

"There are 103 product categories in electronics, chemical, minerals/metals, and pharmaceutical/medical products in which the EU has a critical strategic dependence on imports from China"

--- A lot of work to do, then.

"China’s growing ability to engage in economic coercion is a fact, but so far it has been mostly taken the form of threat rather than concrete action."

--- Well, Australia feels it, it seems.

"the EU needs to assume a more resolute and unified position to provide the necessary political flanking for its economic relationship with China"

--- Ha, good luck with that.

--- Other news:

Hong Kong's new rules have created confusion in the classroom. Some parents are pulling their children out

Covid-19: Chinese vaccine 'successful in mid-stage trials'

Video News:

--- China Uncensored: "Expelled Hong Kong Legislator Speaks Out | Dr. Kwok Ka-Ki"

--- PBS: "A year after virus appeared, Wuhan tells China's pandemic story"

--- Sky News (AUS): "China is a ‘serious threat to human rights globally’"

Deutsche Nachrichten:

Abhängig oder aufeinander angewiesen? Eine Neubewertung der Wirtschaftsbeziehungen der EU mit China

"In 103 Produktkategorien, darunter Elektronik, Chemie, Minerale/Metalle und Arzneimittel/Medizin, besteht eine kritische Abhängigkeit von Importen aus China"

--- Nur eine Übersetzung der wichtigsten Punkte des oben schon verlinkten englischen Artikels. Leider auch schon hier nicht ganz korrekt übersetzt:

"Beijing ist zunehmend in der Lage ist, wirtschaftlichen Zwang auf europäische Akteure auszuüben. Bislang blieb es jedoch meist bei Drohungen."

--- Von europäischen Akteuren stand da im Original nix.

Skepsis gegenüber Peking

"Während chinesische Politiker in der Sympathieskala weit unten rangieren, werden chinesische Studierende, chinesische Touristen sowie Auslandschinesen in Deutschland überwiegend positiv bewertet"

--- Ist auch gut so. Man sollte nicht die KPCh mit der chinesischen Bevölkerung verwechseln.

Internet-Standards: Huawei bewirbt sich um den IETF-Vorsitz

"Die Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) sucht einen neuen Vorsitzenden, der die Arbeit der Normungsorganisation ab 2021 lenkt. Überraschend bewerben sich nun auch zwei Vertreter des chinesischen Forschungsunternehmens Futurewei"

--- Das ist, was die Welt braucht: Chinesen an der Spitze von Standardisierungsorganisationen.

Jeden Freitag Schweinefleisch

"Das Buch „Die Kronzeugin“ beschreibt detailliert auf vielen Seiten den grauenvollen Lageralltag in Xinjiang: Die Gefangenen würden immer wieder indoktriniert, sagt Sayralgul Sauytbay, mit Parolen wie z. B. „ich bin stolz darauf ein Chinese zu sein“, „mein Leben und alles verdanke ich der Partei“, „hoch lebe Xi Jingping“. Und bei kleineren Vergehen würden sie gefoltert und vergewaltigt."

--- 'Bildung' mit chinesischen Charakteristiken.