China news roundup / Nachrichten 2020-11-04/05

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English news:

--- Yesterday there was virtually nothing, probably because of that silly US election business. Today I'm swamped with China news. Annoying.

Hostage Taking Is China’s Small-Claims Court

"taking hostages is frequently seen as a better route than appealing to the courts
[...] In practice, police often don’t even consider it to be an offense at all."

--- China, a state of law. Where you can do almost anything, as long as you don't criticise the CCP.

"In many cases, the best move for foreigners facing such circumstances is simply to get out of the country before the thugs reach you."

--- Seems like the best move is not to do business in China in the first place.

Chinese President Xi opens up to more trade deals and imports

"Chinese President Xi Jinping said China will import more than $22tn (£17tn) worth of goods over the next decade."

--- More imports? In 2018 China imported already for more than $2tn. If it imports 22tn in the next 10 years, there is no growth at all.

Australian exporters scramble as fears of more China trade bans grow

"some Australian wine exporters have suspended shipments to China, based on requests from their Chinese import partners"

--- Surely, the Chinese customs will find some contamination in Australian wine before long. & because they can see the future, the CCP has told Chinese importers that from Friday, there will be no new shipments allowed in.
cf.: Australia calls for China to 'play by the rules' after reports of multibillion-dollar trade bans
also: Shanghai port authorities tell wholesale market to expect inspections on all Australian fruit and seafood imports

Chinese-Australian community leader charged under Australia's new foreign interference laws

"The charge follows a year-long investigation by the counter foreign interference (CFI) taskforce"

--- How dare you use Australian laws against Chinese influence operations?! No wonder that all Australian products exported to China are contaminated.

More than 6,000 people in China's Lanzhou test positive for brucellosis

"That represents a big jump from 3,245 positive cases for brucellosis as of Sep 14."

--- I repeat: There is nothing to worry. As usual, the CCP has everything under control.

China bans non-Chinese arrivals from UK as England enters lockdown

"As of Friday 6 November, all passengers from the US, Germany, the Czech Republic and France must have tested negative for the Covid-19 virus as well as for antibodies within 48 hours of travelling."

--- Just don't go to China, if you can avoid it.

Lahore’s metro line opened to fanfare – but what is the real cost of China's 'gift'?

"Lahore unveiled its “gift from China”
[...] Financed by the Pakistani government and a $1.6bn loan from China’s Exim Bank"

--- A gift with Chinese characteristics.

Local cooking preferences drove acceptance of new crop staples in prehistoric China

"prior to 2000 B.C., Chinese staple cuisines were strongly differentiated between northern and southern cultures, while cultures younger than that were dominated by east-west differences"

--- The north-south divide still exists, with the north eating more noodles, the south more rice.

"east-west division was driven by differences in culinary practice, with eastern cooking habits of boiling and steaming less suited to adopting new cereals like wheat and barley"

--- Don't see much of an east-west divide among Han Chinese, but the minorities in the west sometimes show some obvious differences.

--- Other news:

US approves $600 million sale of armed drones to Taiwan

Hong Kong: People invited to snitch on their neighbours

Blackpink and Angry – Social Media Criticize K-Pop Band Touching Baby Panda

'Jack Ma is tamed': How Beijing showed tech entrepreneur who is boss

Video News:

--- China Uncensored: "China Is TERRIFIED of Economic Decoupling"

Deutsche Nachrichten:

Versöhnliche Signale aus Peking

"China und die USA habe ihre Differenzen, aber wir haben auch weitreichende gemeinsame Interessen und Raum für Zusammenarbeit."

--- Da es solche Aussagen auch in der Vergangenheit immer wieder gab, fragt man sich, was daran so besonders versöhnlich sein soll.

Ausländische Journalisten erfahren in China nun eine ganz besondere «Fürsorge»

"Das IPC, das für die bürokratische Betreuung der Korrespondenten zuständig ist, will nun täglich darüber informiert werden, wie es um die Gesundheit des Journalisten, seiner Familienmitglieder sowie des chinesischen Personals bestellt ist."

--- So sehr kümmert sich die KPCh um das Wohlergehen ausländischer Journalisten! Ist doch toll.

"Wie heuchlerisch der fürsorgliche Ton des chinesischen Aussenministeriums ist, zeigt der Umstand, dass für ebenfalls in China lebende, jedoch in anderen Branchen arbeitende Ausländer diese Regelung nicht gilt."

--- Aber, aber... Zeigt doch nur die Wertschätzung, die ausländischen Journalisten entgegengebracht wird. So eine Fürsorge gibt es sonst höchstens noch in Nordkorea.

Chinas Präsident - Exporte steigen und China öffnet sich weiter

"Man werde etwa die Importbeschränkungen des Landes reduzieren, alle in China registrierten Unternehmen gleich behandeln und mehr Handelsabkommen mit anderen Ländern unterzeichnen"

--- & trotzdem sollen die Importe nicht nennenswert steigen. Wunder über Wunder.

USA genehmigen weiteres Rüstungsgeschäft mit Taiwan

"Das US-Außenministerium genehmigte den Verkauf von vier MQ-9-Reaper-Drohnen für insgesamt 600 Millionen Dollar"

--- Naja, die Anti-Schiff-Raketen letztens waren deutlich sinnvoller. 4 Drohnen bringen nicht viel. Da sollte Taiwan lieber billige Kamikazedrohnen selber entwickeln.