China news roundup / Nachrichten 2020-01-14

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English news:

Two members of WHO team blocked from entering China over failed coronavirus antibody test

"The scientists in question are being retested, and had previously been tested and found negative for coronavirus multiple times"

--- Hey, our Chinese tests are much more reliable than others'. Absolutely no obstruction intended.

"Foreign Minister Wang Yi praised China's anti-pandemic efforts at home and abroad, saying that the country "launched an emergency global humanitarian campaign""

--- Translation: We started the pandemic.

Trump bolsters ban on U.S. investments in China

"by Nov. 11, 2021, U.S. investors will be required to have completely divested their holdings of securities of companies designated by the Defense Department as owned or controlled by the Chinese military"

--- Sounds good, but meanwhile in the usual Trumpian consistency: Trump administration shelves planned investment ban on Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu

China is winning the trade war and its exports have never been higher

"Amid all the noises on de-coupling and de-globalization, somewhat unexpectedly, the pandemic has deepened the ties between China and the rest of the world"

--- Meh. For one, it's based on Chinese numbers & then there is that:

"China was open for business when the pandemic triggered huge demand in the US (and other countries) for Covid-19 related goods"

--- Without that it might have looked very differently.

"it seems fair to say that Trump's trade war with the country failed"

--- Maybe, but also too early to say. He definitely hasn't achieved his goals during his term, though.

PayPal becomes first foreign firm in China with full ownership of payments business

"PayPal acquired the 30% stake it doesn’t already own in China’s GoPay"

--- Another meh. A very minor player on the Chinese market, & that won't change anytime soon.

Huawei boss had Christmas with family as jailed Canadians got to phone home

"they allowed two imprisoned Canadians to phone their families at Christmas – the first time one of the men had spoken with his family in more than two years"

--- Oh the benevolence of emperor Xi! To even allow such evil, dirty foreign criminals the luxury of contact to the outside world shows the great mercy & humanity of the CCP under the great emperor Xi.

"Meng’s bail conditions allow her to move freely around Vancouver until 11pm, and the court heard this week that she makes frequent trips to restaurants and “private shopping” appointments at high-end retailers
[...] Meng spent Christmas Day at a restaurant that catered exclusively to her group of 14"

--- Outrageous! What a racist treatment for a totally innocent Chinese business woman. She can't even have a few hundred people over for a private dinner. Not that the tiny villa she is forced to stay in would be big enough for a proper party.

Trade deal allows Chinese staff to work in EU for 3 years

"In practice this means a Chinese company operating in Europe can fill all its jobs with Chinese specialists, except the janitor
[...] EU governments will not be allowed to impose quotas or other limits on the number of such specialized workers that come into their country"

--- I'm sure we can totally trust Chinese companies to only import the most necessary specialists, & absolutely not to use this clause as a way to use cheap labour & avoid European labour rules.

Aussie cherries labelled 'inferior' by China, growers worried

"Australian cherries have been panned as "inferior" by Chinese state media in the latest trade row"

--- EU, look! That free trade agreement that Australia just signed with China is working really great! You truly can trust Chinese promises.

--- Other news:

China's Sinovac defends COVID-19 vaccine after disappointing Brazil data

Security law police arrest 11 people suspected of aiding ‘Hong Kong 12’ speedboat escape bid

Video News:

--- DW News: "Is China changing its strategy towards decoupling from the world economy?"

--- WION: "Gravitas: China tries to rebrand Wuhan"

--- CNA: "Hong Kong's national security police arrest 11 people for assisting fugitives"

Deutsche Nachrichten:

Frankreichs Handelsminister Riester räumt Schwächen des EU-China-Abkommens ein

"Bundes- und französische Regierung erwecken immer noch den Eindruck, die europäischen Verhandler hätten in sozialen Fragen und Menschenrechten so viel herausgeholt wie noch nie."

--- So tolle Versprechungen wie noch nie.

"Angeblich kann China, sollte es beispielsweise in der EU ein Kraftwerk bauen, dafür bis zu drei Jahre lang eigene Arbeiter in die EU entsenden, ohne EU-Löhne oder Sozialabgaben zahlen zu müssen. China wäre damit bessergestellt als beispielsweise die osteuropäischen EU-Mitglieder nach der geltenden Entsende-Richtlinie"

--- Je mehr ich über diese Vereinbarung lese, desto begeisterter werde ich. Frage mich, wie dieser Schrott vom EP durchgewunken werden soll. Kann höchstens passieren, wenn bestimmte Regierungen maximalen Druck ausüben.

Weckruf für europäische Firmen in China

"Wenn die USA darauf bestehen, dass bei einem Produkt US-Software zum Einsatz kommt, und die Chinesen auf ihre Software bestehen, dann sitzen die Europäer zwischen den Stühlen und können nicht produzieren
[...] Europäische Firmen könnten letztlich gezwungen sein, bei Lieferketten doppelte Strukturen aufzubauen, heißt es im Bericht. "Eine Lieferkette samt Forschung und Entwicklung exklusiv für China, und eine weitere für die restliche Welt.""

--- So wird es wohl kommen, zumindest für einen großen Teil der Firmen im Technologiebereich.

"Schon 2015, also vor Trumps Make America Great Again, präsentierte sie die Initiative "Made in China 2025", die das Land in vielen Industriebereichen technologisch führend machen soll"

--- Muß man immer mal wieder dran erinnern, da es häufiger Chinaliebhaber gibt, die alles auf Trump schieben.

Ex-Starbucks-Chef soll im Handelsstreit von Amerika und China vermitteln

"Xi sagte in seinem Brief an Schultz zu, Unternehmen aus der ganzen Welt, darunter auch Starbucks und andere amerikanische Unternehmen, in Zukunft einen größeren Entwicklungsraum in China zu bieten."

--- Geld. Chinesisches Geld. Riecht ihr das Geld, das ihr bei uns verdienen könnt? Dafür könnt ihr doch sicher ein bißchen Druck auf eure Regierungen ausüben. Gelle?

--- Sonstiges:

Elf Festnahmen in Hongkong