China news roundup / Nachrichten 2020-01-12

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English news:

'Our souls are dead': how I survived a Chinese 're-education' camp for Uighurs

"“Your daughter’s a terrorist!”"

--- Because she waved an East Turkestan flag on a Paris demonstration. & you as her mother must be guilty, too.
Commie Chinese logic.

"the method of the camps, the strategy being implemented: not to kill us in cold blood, but to make us slowly disappear. So slowly that no one would notice
[...] We were ordered to deny who we were. To spit on our own traditions, our beliefs. To criticise our language. To insult our own people."

--- Emperor Xi approves.
Emperor Xi does not approve of the UK's irrational & irresponsible interference in totally internal Chinese affairs: UK tightens rules on using Uighur-picked cotton

Overall Efficacy of Sinovac Vaccine in Brazil Just Above 50%

"The confusion over the data is fueling skepticism over Chinese vaccines. Turkey and Indonesia, which are also testing the shot, have reported different efficacy numbers"

--- Very consistent quality of that Sinovac vaccine, obviously. Also very consistent with the 100% efficacy trumpeted a few months ago.

China ranked 96th out of 100 countries in Covid data transparency index

"China's data management is extraordinarily poor and appears to be deliberately opaque. There is no centralised data dashboard and even the most basic figures, such as hospitalisations and testing, are missing – making meaningful data analyses and comparisons almost impossible."

--- Openness with Chinese characteristics. 'Just trust us, we are the CCP.'

Kelly Craft: US envoy's 'last-minute' Taiwan visit angers China

"Dr Resnick added, saying the trip would likely bring "even more instability" to Sino-American relations
[...] adding that Beijing may just be waiting to see what the incoming administration does and "whether it starts to cool temperatures a bit""

--- What now? The BBC should look for a bit more consistency of the 'experts' they quote.

Analysis: The trillion dollar weapon in the U.S.-China tech stock war

"Sources in Washington last week said Trump was considering adding Alibaba and Tencent, worth a combined $1.3 trillion"

--- Now that would be a coup. But only speculation at the moment.

"Swiss bank UBS calculates that just over a third of Alibaba’s $616 billion market cap is held by U.S. investors, while 12% of Tencent’s $35 billion value is."

--- Your own fault, if you invest in Chinese shares.

China-Australia relations: Beijing slams Canberra for ‘politicising’ canned US$230 million deal on national security grounds

"China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs cautioned Canberra not to “politicise” business deals and jeopardise long-standing commercial relationships, as well as agreed-upon free trade between the two countries
[...] We hope that Australia will adhere to the principle of engaging in an open market and fair competition and provide all businesses with fair and non-discriminatory treatment."

--- Joke of the day, coming from the CCP which blocks a great number of Australian products(, not to mention the less than non-discriminatory treatment of foreign companies in China).

Danke Apartment: The 'broken eggshell' that left young Chinese homeless

"The business model for Danke, which means "eggshell" in Chinese, is simple - it rents flats from landlords long-term, renovates them, then sublets the flats or individual rooms as single units to tenants at a relatively affordable rate."

--- Sounds like a proper business model, only:

"there were just not enough new renters joining the programme to help maintain the company's capital flow"

--- It was obviously more like a pyramid scheme. (& this is also one of those Chinese companies listing their shares in the US.)

‘Uncle Roger’ apologises and deletes video featuring fellow YouTube star who criticised China

"I wasn’t aware of his political thoughts and his past incorrect remarks about China. This is my negligence
[...] Ng added that he loved Chinese culture as he appealed for a “chance to improve.”"

--- Good boy. Now roll over.

More than 50 countries commit to protection of 30% of Earth's land and oceans

"The commitment is likely to be the headline target of the “Paris agreement for nature” that will be negotiated at Cop15 in Kunming, China later this year."

--- China will be happy to commit all its mountains & deserts, I'm sure. For the oceans, well, the Chinese fishing fleet only covers a few percent at any given time. So, no problem for China at all.

--- Other news:

China plans further Hong Kong crackdown after mass arrest - sources

Hong Kong arrests: Carrie Lam accuses west of hypocrisy, citing US Capitol riot

22 workers trapped in gold mine explosion

Video News:

--- America Uncovered: "Has China CO-OPTED American Media?"

--- DW News: "Increased US support for Taiwan angers China"

--- Sky News: "China crackdown: UK stops imports linked to China's 'human rights abuses'"

Deutsche Nachrichten:

„... das war der Abschied von diesem Leben“

"Die prodemokratische Bewegung in Hongkong ist entmachtet"

--- Welche Macht hatten sie denn vorher?
Ansonsten eine recht persönliche Erzählung, keine News.

China: Schweinepreise stürzen ab – Bestand explodiert

"Für den September-Kontrakt endete der Handel am Freitag um 12,6 Prozent niedriger bei 28.290 Yuan (3585 Euro) pro Tonne"

--- Also die Schweinepreise für September 2021. Abstürzen würde ich das nicht nennen. Langsame Rückkehr zum Normalpreis, nachdem letztes Jahr die Preise extrem gestiegen waren.

Traditionell anders

"Fotografien in "Moon Rabbit". Sie zeigt eine Gleichzeitigkeit von vorindustrieller, industrieller und postindustrieller Lebensrealität. Manchmal auf einer einzigen Fotografie."

--- Entspricht auch meiner Erfahrung.


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