China news roundup / Nachrichten 2020-01-09

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English news:

Police will investigate anyone who helps an offender flee, Hong Kong warns amid reports city is looking at prosecuting Danish politicians who aided wanted ex-lawmaker Ted Hui

"the city was looking into prosecuting two Danish politicians who aided former opposition lawmaker Ted Hui Chi-fung as he fled to Europe"

--- They invited him to a 'climate conference'. China under emperor Xi wants to rule the world. You have been warned.

"The national security law also applies to offences committed against Hong Kong outside the city by a person who is not a permanent resident."

--- Anyone. Anywhere. You have been warned.

The Chinese government is trying to rebrand forced sterilization as feminism

"[I]n the process of eradicating extremism, the minds of Uygur women in Xinjiang were emancipated and gender equality and reproductive health were promoted, making them no longer baby-making machines"

--- So, by sterilising them, the CCP makes them human again. We should praise the great wisdom of emperor Xi.

"the social network has said that the tweet doesn’t violate its policy against hateful conduct"

--- To be fair, Twitter by now has removed the tweet, but it took a while & a lot of pressure, it seems. Funny, though, how Twitter allows the CCP to publish all kinds of nationalist & racist propaganda, while deleting or blocking fairly innocuous accounts of Westerners who violate some SJW standards.

"the state of Xinjiang “regularly subjects minority women to pregnancy checks, and forces intrauterine devices, sterilization and even abortion on hundreds of thousands”"

--- All for the good of humanity, of course.

"China is simply following a playbook that America put together"

--- Well, yeah, that had to be in there. The author is well-known for her feminist anti-West bullshit. In that regard it's actually surprising that she wrote this rather China-critical article.

Chinese Media Calls Capitol Riot ‘World Masterpiece

"democracy could only be realized when the population is highly educated—and that China’s current education level is not suitable for democracy"

--- Remind me who's responsible for education in China...

"A large number of Chinese netizens have long been under the impression—picking up cues from right-wing media elsewhere—that there is no real freedom of speech in Western countries."

--- Well, Twitter et al. do their utmost to feed that impression.

European Powers to Boost Asia Presence to Counter China

"the EU-China investment deal is potentially more important as a signal than these military deployments, so we need to make sure that our security and economic efforts are both pointed in the same direction"

--- The deal is far away from being ratified in Europe. I have serious doubts that it will be accepted as is by the EU parliament.

"Germany has no desire to become embroiled in the regional disputes in Asia, such as in the South and East China seas, but the occasional dispatch of a frigate and participation in a maritime exercise is a useful way to build confidence and develop partnerships"

--- & you shouldn't expect more than this from Germany.

Chinese state-owned companies tapped into Canada’s wage subsidy despite diplomatic dispute

"the units of China Petroleum and Chemicals, also known as Sinopec, CNOOC as well as PetroChina among recipients of the wage subsidy
[...] Bank of China, Air China and China Southern Airlines also appear on the list"

--- Clearly, all Chinese SOE's are very poor & deserve all the support from Western governments they can get. & Trudeau's Canada is happy to help.
More on China in Canada from China Unscripted: China's Strategic Takeover of Canada

Chinese and Russian media partner to "tell each other’s stories well"

"the cooperation is much less focused on creating a good image than it is on building up joint threats. Put simply, to garner public support for the Sino-Russian strategic relationship and each state’s actions on the global stage, the citizens of China and Russia don’t have to love the other country"

--- & they won't. With good reasons on both sides.

--- Other news:

China calls on India to 'promptly' return captured soldier

China’s BRI Dream Could Turn Nightmare As Myanmar Puts ‘Roadblocks’ Before Key Infra Projects

“Greening” China: An analysis of Beijing’s sustainable development strategies

Video News:

--- WION: "Wideangle: China's 'Disappeared'"

--- WION: "Indian Army apprehends Chinese soldier in Ladakh"

--- & because there is not much going on video-wise, a little extra: Chinese Song Dynasty (960-1279AD) Dao (Single Edged Sword) from scholagladiatoria

Deutsche Nachrichten:

Die EU geht zu Recht mit dem China-Abkommen voran

"Es akzeptiert neue Regeln für staatseigene Unternehmen und Subventionen. Zu Arbeitsstandards und Nachhaltigkeit akzeptiert es Bemühensklauseln, wie sie die EU mit anderen Vertragspartnern vereinbart hat."

--- China ist aber nunmal China. & da sieht es mit gehaltenen Versprechungen sehr düster aus.

"Klar ist jedoch, dass ein gut verhandeltes Abkommen nur dann ein erfolgreiches sein kann, wenn seine Bestimmungen auch umgesetzt werden."

--- Eben. & das darf stark bezweifelt werden. Wenn es da keine durchsetzbaren Sanktionsklauseln gibt, kann man das Abkommen vergessen.


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