China news roundup / Nachrichten 2020-01-07

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English news:

China is thriving in the chaos of the US presidential transition

"comparisons are facile, given that protesters in Hong Kong were fighting for greater democracy -- and Pelosi praised peaceful demonstrations, not the more violent ones that followed -- while those in Washington Wednesday were seeking to overturn the results of an election"

--- True. Although, most of the protesters in Washington probably believe that they are fighting for democracy as well.
The scourge of our time: resurgence of belief. Well, OK, it was never really gone, but the influence of dogma & taboo is growing again (left, right & centre), only outside of organised religion, which probably makes it worse.

Chinese censorship invades the U.S. via WeChat

"cases of messages that they sent from their North American phones disappearing before reaching friends — at times when those friends were also located in the United States and Canada"

--- Good reason not to use this crap in the first place. Also a good reason for authorities to look into this app & make Tencent pay for violations of US (or European) laws.

"Tencent spokesman Sean Durkin said the company “operates in a complex regulatory environment, both in China and elsewhere.”"

--- Translation: We are a Chinese company & try everything to keep the CCP happy, even under foreign laws.

Hong Kong police release US lawyer arrested with democracy figures

"John Clancey, has been released without charge pending further inquiries"

--- Which probably means that they didn't actually have any evidence against him & hope to find something incriminating in the stuff they confiscated.

"Joshua Wong, who is already serving a 13-month prison sentence, and Tam Tak Chi, who is in jail on remand, were also re-arrested over related allegations"

--- Justice with Chinese characteristics. (Or: a joke.)

Hong Kong national security law: Activists say arrests confirm worst fears

"The Chinese leadership has decided that there are very few repercussions for them when they act on Hong Kong"

--- Well, obviously. Doesn't help if the strongest reaction from the EU is the usual: 'We urge China to uphold the Basic Law of Hong Kong.'

Covid: China places 11m under lockdown after outbreak in northern city

"even the postal service in and out of Shijiazhuang has been suspended for three days"

--- Considering that the outbreak seems to have been focused around a railway station, that might not help much. (& they still haven't found those ugly foreigners who must be responsible for this outbreak.)

China rebuffs WHO claims over coronavirus mission

"China’s position on the hunt for the origins of the pandemic "has always been open and responsible,""

--- Yep. The CCP has always been very open in saying that they are not responsible.

Disappearing Billionaires: Jack Ma And Other Chinese Moguls Who Have Mysteriously Dropped Off The Radar

"in recent years at least half a dozen other billionaires and wealthy businessmen have vanished from public life for a period of time after running afoul of the Chinese Communist Party"

--- Not necessarily like Ma because of some criticism. Some may have been simply allied to the wrong (ie. losing) CCP faction.

China 'unaware' of any Afghan deportation of Chinese on spying charges

"13 Chinese nationals, working as construction workers, carpenters and even running a clinic and bakery, were deported"

--- Not necessarily the most suspect professions. But if they were only there for contacts with the Taliban, & perhaps to hand over money, it was probably good enough.

--- Other news:

Democratic Republic of Congo Says China Has Granted Pandemic-Linked Debt Relief

Video News:

--- China Unscripted: "China's Strategic Takeover of Canada"

--- DW News: "Are China's Uighurs forced into labor for products used by global brands?"

--- CNA: "Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong arrested for "subversion""

--- WION: "Gravitas: China reports its biggest rise in daily cases in five months"

Deutsche Nachrichten:

China stellt eine Bedrohung für G7 dar

"Auf deutscher Seite haben den Brief Abgeordnete des Bundestags und des Europäischen Parlaments unterzeichnet. Sie gehören CDU/CSU, SPD, FDP und Grünen an"

--- Es tut sich was, langsam, aber doch. Mal sehen, ob nach Ende der Ära Merkel eine etwas selbstbewußtere Chinapolitik gemacht wird.

Größter Ausbruch seit Monaten in China

"Die Behörden sind alarmiert und riefen "den Kriegszustand" im Kampf gegen das Virus aus."

--- 200 Fälle reichen für den Kriegszustand. Frage mich, wie die werten Journalisten reagieren würden, die Chinas "Erfolge" loben, wenn die EU diesem Beispiel folgte.

"Geimpft werden außerdem nur Menschen im Alter zwischen 18 und 59. Die Pekinger Behörden haben Ältere angewiesen zu warten, bis weitere Daten der wissenschaftlichen Testreihen vorliegen"

--- Chinesische Impfstoffe...

Staudamm-Plan beunruhigt Chinas Nachbarn

"Bis zum Jahr 2030 werde China seine CO2-Emmissionen [sic!] um über 65 Prozent gegenüber dem Niveau von 2005 senken"

--- Habe ich anders in Erinnerung. Die 'Intensität' soll sinken ("seine CO2-Emissionen pro Bruttoinlandsprodukt-Einheit bis 2030 um mehr als 65 Prozent im Vergleich zu 2005 mindern"). Der tatsächliche Ausstoß soll noch bis mindestens Mitte der 20er steigen, bevor er dann langsam zurückgehen soll.

"Zwar gibt es ein Memorandum zwischen Indien und China über einen Austausch von Informationen über den Brahmaputra."

--- Gibt auch mit anderen Ländern derartige Vereinbarungen, nur - oh, Wunder - kümmert sich China nicht weiter drum. So hat man letztens das Wasser abgedreht, dies aber erst gemeldet, als man es in Thailand schon merkte.

Nichts ist sicher

"Sicher ist jedoch nur die alte Erkenntnis, dass eben nichts sicher ist in China. Für Aktienkäufer sind das schlechte Aussichten."

--- Meine Rede.


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