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English news:

China human rights lawyer Yu Wensheng jailed for 4 years over ‘inciting subversion’

"the trial was conducted in secret"

--- But, of course. As we all know, CCP courts under benevolent emperor Xi's guidance are absolutely fair & always right. Hence there is absolutely no need for the public to know any details.

Brutal details emerge of deadly China-India border clash

"The clash involved hand-to-hand combat and improvised weapons because firearms are prohibited in the disputed zones"

--- Hmm, not really. For what I can see, they prohibit their men from using firearms, but not carrying them. Else, a video like this one wouldn't be very likely.

"China’s principle is: if we are invaded we will hit back and our military is stronger than India’s"

--- Well, sinde pretty much the whole world belongs to China since ancient times, every foreign movement can be considered an invasion.

Soldiers fell to their deaths as India and China's troops fought with rocks

"most deaths on both sides occurring from soldiers falling or being knocked from mountain terrain"

--- Well, you shouldn't fight in the dark on a narrow ridge, I suppose.

"Indian media outlets cited intelligence sources claiming up to 50 Chinese soldiers may have been killed in the melee but did not present the evidence. Chinese CCTV’s widely watched evening news broadcast made no mention of the border confrontation"

--- So, nothing really happened. Obviously.

Himalayan flashpoint could spiral out of control as India and China face off

"Since May, Chinese troops appear to have stopped their Indian counterparts from approaching areas where both sides have patrolled over the years"

--- What a shocking allegation! Of course, China would never move its troops forward. & anyway, this area belongs to China since ancient times, so China has every right to move its troops anywhere it wants. Simple logic.
cf.: India-China clash: Modi says soldiers' deaths 'will not be in vain'

China and India need each other. Just look at technology

"Gateway House estimates that Chinese investors have poured some $4 billion into Indian tech startups since 2015"

--- 1 billion, oh my... Such great investment. India would really lose out, if that $1 billion wouldn't come.

"India relies on China for everything "from heavy machinery and all kinds of telecom and power equipment, to active pharmaceutical ingredients,""

--- & most of it can be replaced. Would be a bit more expensive, but independence comes with a cost.
Anyway, could be some motivation to invest more in domestic developments.

"the relationship is one-sided. China exports far more to India than the other way round.
"These are structural dependencies on China which boycott campaigns aren't really going to address,""

--- Well, actually that's what you boycott. Would be rather stupid to boycott domestically produced items.
CNN seems to try to de-escalate in favour of China. They do the same in regards of Europe:

Even if Europe wanted to break away from China post-Covid, it couldn't

"And by treading a careful path between the US and China, Europe creates a unique role for itself on the international stage, giving it diplomatic autonomy from Washington"

--- The problem is that China doesn't really allow you too much autonomy. If you criticise Beijing, you will be punished.

"a post-pandemic blame game pointing the finger at China could turn some states into bigger hawks, while propaganda spreading a pro-China narrative has already proven effective in more Euroskeptic nations"

--- Which bodes well for a future unified China policy.

Coronavirus in Beijing: 27 neighbourhoods not allowed to leave as spike continues

"More than 1,200 flights have been cancelled to and from the city and railway services have been reduced until at least 9 July"

--- & just because of 137 cases in Beijing? Dubious. (Ominous?)

"The main difference between now and February is that businesses, government departments, manufacturing are all still operating"

--- More or less, I suppose. Getting to work may be a bit hard, particularly if you live in an area where you are not allowed to leave your home.
cf.: Beijing coronavirus outbreak: city raises emergency level and grounds hundreds of flights

Cremation based estimates suggest significant under- and delayed reporting of COVID-19 1 epidemic data in Wuhan and China

"estimates projected on February 7, 2020 in 34 Wuhan range from 305,000 to 1,272,000 for infections and from 6,811 to 7,223 for deaths - on 35 the order of at least 10 times the official figures (13,603 and 545)
[...] The estimates of cumulative deaths, based on both funeral urns 37 distribution and continuous full capacity operation of cremation services up to March 23, 2020, 38 give results around 36,000, more than 10 times of the official death toll of 2,524."

--- Not much of a surprise. Fits in with all the other evidence.

Taiwan warns off intruding Chinese aircraft for fourth time in nine days

"the fourth such encounter in nine days as China steps up its activity near the Chinese-claimed island"

--- Borrell's "China has no military ambitions" hasn't really aged well.

Russia accuses leading Arctic researcher of spying for China

""China really shows that it has military ambition by the way its intelligence are looking into these things," Gabuev said. "Subs operate in neutral waters and we are probably seeing a new front of Chinese global navy development. And subs that could operate in the Arctic are part of that.""

--- Someone please tell Borrell.

China hits back at Australia's 'rubbish' accusations of spreading disinformation

"Chinese government spokesman Zhao Lijian accused Australian officials of undermining international efforts to combat the virus"

--- Yes! How dare you ask for an investigation into the virus' origins? That's unheard of!

"Australian officials have described the facts of discrimination and violence within their country as disinformation – but what about the feelings of those victims?"

--- Notice any similarities with Western SJW lingo?

Video News:

--- China Uncensored: "“Wartime Measures” to Contain China’s New Coronavirus Outbreak"

--- DW News: "20 Indian soldiers killed in border clashes with Chinese forces"

--- CNN: "Chinese and Indian soldiers clash along disputed Himalayan border"

--- WION: "Gravitas: Galwan provocation: Exposing China's 5 Lies"

Not in the news (yet):

Some Chinese fight back against the cops (older video)

Deutsche Nachrichten:

Insider - Regierung justiert China-Planung in EU-Ratspräsidentschaft

"Die China-Politik aller EU-Institutionen und Mitgliedstaaten soll geschlossen und ausgewogen sein und sich an den langfristigen gemeinsamen EU-Interessen und Werten ausrichten"

--- Das bedeutet dann wohl den kleinsten gemeinsamen Nenner. Sprich: Nix wird passieren.

Peking ist kein zweites Wuhan

"Noch ist nicht ausgemacht, ob dem Land tatsächlich die befürchtete zweite Welle der Corona-Pandemie bevorsteht - oder ob der neue Ausbruch im Pekinger Xinfadi-Markt eine Episode bleibt"

"Auf der niedrigsten Verwaltungsebene sind Chinas Städte in Nachbarschaften organisiert, die auch als "Communitys" bezeichnet werden."

--- Das darf bezweifelt werden, da in China kaum jemand Englisch benutzt, schon gar nicht für offizielle Inhalte.

Sich nicht gegen China zu behaupten, wird Deutschland schwächen

"Seine Aussage zu Wong ist nicht nur falsch, Maas hat damit auch die Propaganda der kommunistischen Partei Chinas wiederholt"

"Ganz gleich, wie gehorsam Deutschland sich gegenüber Peking verhält [...] deutsche Unternehmen werden in China nie fair und gleichberechtigt behandelt"

--- Aber, aber ... was ist denn mit dem deutsch-chinesischen Dialog. Der war doch in der Vergangenheit so übermäßig erfolgreich.


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Thanks for your regular updates on China. Let's hope the conflict between China and India won't escalate.

Thanks for your comment. I don't expect much of an escalation. India can't really afford a war. & China is probing on several fronts now how far they can go. But emperor Xi has the focus on Taiwan.
After HK is under control & if the international reaction stays as meek as it is, he will probably get more aggressive.
If the economic & social situation in China deteriorates, though, he might look for a quick success with fewer casualties than a Taiwan invasion would cost.
We'll see.