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While chatting at Walmart, I became aware of dire issues in Chile. Once in a while I take a break from the news, especially when I’m busy. This week, I had some time to dedicate to crypto, and thought global protests as good as any to write about.

adapted from NBC News clip


With the uprising in Chile joining heated protests seen throughout the world, #HOPE for change is growing. How serious are global economic and civil liberty issues? We might soon find out. Consider Chile’s pivotal role to the issues in the United States right now.

ABC News recently published an article entitled “Protests Force Chile to Cancel Summit Where Trump Planned to Meet China's President”. On November 16 and 17, Chile was scheduled to host the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in Santiago. With domestic issues for Xi (Honk Kong protests and end to voting) and Trump (impeachment inquiry and growing political divides), cancelling a public gather among UN leaders will certainly adversely impact both nations in the eyes of the world.

APEC'S cancellation illustrates the instability of the world irregardless of the two most powerful national agendas.


Fair warning: I do not have the time or money to cover these protests in great length.

That said, here are a few tidbits I put together with some free moments.

NBC News Now reported on global protests. It found the following:

  • #Lebanon - 20 cents tax on WhatsApp (free to use) [citizen comments included: 30% unemployment, corruption, fighting to improve their country, and supported by the military]
  • #Iraq - protesting wars that did not lead to Democracy
  • #Chile - rising tension in income inequality (most recent trigger - subway tax)
  • #Ecuador - termination of fuel subsidies

adapted from NBC News clip


There is indeed a global movement emerging. It is one that invariably includes the United States. The #Joker character, as a symbol of these destitute conditions, was discussed in an article by CNN (below). An individual in Lebanon was captured amidst the action in a Joker (headline image) outfit by NBC News Now.

adapted from CNN

And as CNN’s Jessie Yeung commented on October 29:

Halloween is just days away -- and with "Joker" smashing box-office records, it seems inevitable that throngs of film fans will dress as killer clowns for the festivities that await.


The issues in #HongKong are ongoing following the recent retraction of an extradition bill that is said to have been the greatest igniter of the citizen movement. As expected, protests continue even with the territory's leadership in question.

Hong Kong authorities on Tuesday barred high-profile pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong ... 23, said he was the only person among a pool of 1,100 candidates prevented from participating in the upcoming district council elections on Nov. 24...


The International Business Times reported that eight members of Chile’s Cabinet were replaced. This amounts to a third of new decision makers. One must wonder if the nations President seeks to maintain control through an exoneration of the other two-thirds.

More drastic change occurred in Lebanon:

Lebanon's Saad Hariri Has Resigned. But Protesters Still Aren't Content -

Hand Holding chain in Lebanon

adapted from Time Magazine

Remember Hands Across America

adapted from Esquire


Remember, this is just a list of notable protests. Other happenings like #Egypt’s crackdown on journalists, ongoing issues in #Ukraine, the #MiddleEast, and talks of impeachment are just as ignitable.

Did I mention #Venezuela in all this. No? Well, you can find out a lot more through #HOPE. Here are a few recent links and names involved in the movement to minimize the unnecessary downward spiral of death due to economic futility.

@achim03, @alokkumar121, @crypto.piotr, @cyberspacegod, @djennyfloro, @edgarare1, @flash07, @fucho80, @gandhibaba, @guruvaj, @honarparvar, @jadams2k18, @juanmolina, @lanzjoseg, @mariusfebruary, @neavvy, @reverseacid, @yonnathang

adapted from ProjectHOPE


I would not look at the protests in chile with such expectation. Judging by how it has gone so far, the only thing chileans will achieve is the same transformation Venezuela got from years of people's empowerment and confrontation against just one sector of the world establishment. The other sector, equally powerful and destructive is somehow portrayed as benevolente and progressive, but thanks to Venezuela we can see now what happened to the people when totalitarian and corrupt governments take control

I just gotta think that at some point we will all be connected by the same Internet (even China and the Middle East). Maybe other networks will replace what we have come to know today wealthy nations. Kind of like an Internet-dynamic like basic cable sort of thing.

Also, now that we have crypto, a certain standard of living should become accessible for all the world. The question is how long will the AI/Crypto/Drone global transformation take. I already see AmazonPrime around more than I see UPS or USPS. And that just happened over the past couple of months.

Change can happen quickly. Fairness on the other hand, is a different story all together.

You are right. Tech improvement and even its availability does not necessarily mean people's lives are getting better.

Hello dear @machnbirdsparo, great article.

Brother, this is a good analysis of events worldwide, so it seems that there is a movement going on, a lot of inequality and the most important thing for me is that governments rule over people and give them no options, you must submit to those They set and period.

This causes the "pot" to accumulate so much pressure and end up bursting, you have to be attentive to what happens with this wave of protests.

Thank you very much for meing in your article....

Greetings @machnbirdsparo came a little late to comment, but if during those weeks and even today there are protests, hopefully at least in these other countries achieve their mission as long as it is for good.

I clarify this because in my personal opinion I think Chile is something crazy, you protest for the payment of the subway and your solution is to burn it ... Brother that's not the way, definitely not....

But well everything takes its course sooner or later hopefully the outcomes are positive

Thank you for reading my comment, I bid you farewell wishing you a happy day, evening or night and a great start of the week.✌️

Protests in Chile are not about the subway, that was just an excuse to action. It was caused by growing divides in living conditions and civil rights. Maybe the people saw close parallels with Venezuela.

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Dear @machnbirdsparo

I'm absolutely not familiar about issues in Chile. Would you mind sharing with me what's happening there? Anything worth global or our attention?

Consider Chile’s pivotal role to the issues in the United States right now.

How come? How could Chile have any impact on US? Isn't it very remote and very small country, with almost no economic and political connections to US or UE?

interesting and difficult times ahead of us ... :/

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Yours, Piotr

“Protests Force Chile to Cancel Summit Where Trump Planned to Meet China's President”. On November 16 and 17, Chile was scheduled to host the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in Santiago

Not easy for Trump and Xi to meet. Who knows when they will make another attempt now that Chile canceled its hosting of APEC.

from a quick google search

more recent news indicates that manufacturers harbor growing concerns over APEC cancelation