So I Printed Some Copies Of "The Anti-Communist Manifesto" In Order To Give Them Out!🇨🇱🚁🌊💛🖤🙌🏻

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Well so as you all know I have placed a lot of effort into my book; "The Anti-Communist Manifesto" and also my SteemIt blog! Sadly @steemcleaners are censoring me because I am too radical possibly while my country is in a civil war. I have Minds, Flote, BitChute, Yours, Voat, GAB and other platforms to explore when it comes to finding places where the left won't censor my book or the ones of the saviour of Chile; Augusto Pinochet Ugarte. Marxist-Leninism has killed over 150,000,000 innocent human beings and like it or not I will keep on posting this. It's 3 AM but remember that this post is also going to PALnet and Neoxian where you can't downvote me to take me down! I will keep on investing on SteemIt and I'll try to promote it even if some people try to ruin the experience for me. I'm out. Peace, love and capitalism!💛🖤

Un mensaje (A message for my Spanish followers):

-Hispano América está en peligro de caer en el socialismo/comunismo; lo que sería el fin de todas nuestras libertades sociales, libertades económicas de emprendimiento y trabajo; pasaríamos a ser propiedad del estado sin derechos humanos (DDDH) y no hay que olvidar que los comunistas/socialistas son igual de totalitarios que los nacional socialistas (Nazis), fascistas y fundamentalistas Islámicos. Los "anarco" comunistas también son una peste y en la práctica son solo tontos útiles para los Marxistas-Leninistas. ¡Viva Chile! ¡Gloria eterna al General Augusto Pinochet Ugarte!🇨🇱🚁🌊🙌🏻

Download the Anti-Communist Manifesto (My book) here:

I love you all, I'm out/cambio y fuera... Addio/do pobachennya/do svidaniya, bis später!

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Get the fuck out!

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Hispano América está en peligro. Mi libro; "El Manifiesto Anti-Comunista" es un manual de como detener a la peste Marxista-Leninista; que ya lleva mas de 150,000,000 de muertos-Salvador Pinochet 11/09/1973🇨🇱🚁🌊✝️☦️🙌🏻

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