Problema de ajedrez 2 | Chess Problem 2

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¡Hola fans del ajedrez! Hace unos cuantos días subí mi primer problema de ajedrez para la comunidad. Realmente es divertido interactuar con ustedes y ver las soluciones que presentan, así que, esta vez les traeré este siguiente problema realmente interesante que saqué de mientras resolvía mis 5 problemas tácticos (lo que me permite la suscripción gratuita).

¡Muchas gracias por resolver (o intentar resolver) el problema! Si eres el primero en hacerlo, te llevarás 1 STEEM :)


Hey, chess fans! A few days ago I uploaded my first chess problem for the community. It's really fun to interact with you and see the solutions you present, so, this time I'll bring you this next really interesting problem that I got from while solving my 5 tactical problems (which allows me the free subscription).

Thank you very much for solving (or trying to solve) the problem! If you're the first one to do so, you'll get 1 STEEM :)

Las negras mueven:

Black to move:


What is blacks aim? To win or to draw?

I see a draw:

  1. ... Qxg4+
  2. Kxg4 Rg6+
  3. Kf5 (If the king moves to the h file the other black rook checkmates.) Rf6+

Now perpetual check is unavoidable because black gets checkmated again when moving to e5.

Hi Jaki! Black's goal is a draw. I decided not to say it because that way I don't say the goal and that makes the player have to rely on his skills to see the correct sequence.

You certainly solved it! Steem transferred.

#posh <3

I congratulate you good success, @jaki01