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In the past few weeks, I've been slowly posting stuff on the Appics App and the longer I'm on it... the more I'm liking it! 💁‍♂️

APPICS has actually become my #1 APP! 📲

I'm planning on using it a lot more oof it in 2020 while slowly building up my APX Tokens... Gotta get that influence factor up! 😂

So far I was able to accumulate over 2049+ APX Tokens from just posting my "lifestyle" pics on there... not to shabby in my book!

Some of you may already know this... The cool thing about APPICS is that its also built on the Steem Blockchain.

What that means... if you post on APPICS, it will also appear on Steemit! Earning APX and Steem Tokens at the same time with just one post is always awesome to me.

I recommend that everyone give APPICS a try. You can download the free app on their website right here.

But let me warn you, if you love Instagram and you're good at lifestyle pictures... you are going to do very well there! 🙋‍♂️

I have to admit, my posting game on there isn't as good... it's too hard to compete with all the "Hot Chicks" there. JK 😂 😅

Keep On STACKIN! 😎

~ Charles Fuchs

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Appics is awesome!

100% agree 🙋🏼‍♂️

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The potential is huge. The “hot chicks” do have the advantage- rightfully so! So is life...

I'm going to try hard and get more "likes" than all hot chicks haha

Thanks I requested access but can't see where to download it lol🤣 Btw could you number 3 platforms where you get more gains? Too many options lately🤔

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The best for me are esteem, busy, tasteem, dpoll, ntopaz, and travelfeed, @jenina619. All pay in good upvotes on my posts.

Great project, those extra upvotes do all add up 😀

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You can get it from the telegram group here ... https://t.me/appics_official. It still a soft launch but functional . also appics do take 10% from your earnings to fund the team but its still worth it.

#3 platform will be voice if it ever comes out haha.

Thanks Appics Ambassador lol🤣 Voice is coming on Feb 14th I'm working on a pre launch cartoon😂

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What, you're getting a head start on voice already? i knew it haha

May I ask you something? I use Appics a lot too. But I have searched and asked many times about the distribution of APX, and the true split for posting/curation, the inflation, the max cap, etc..
But I found nothing, and haven’t had any answer so far. Do you have info about it?


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Are you in the Appics Telegram group, they can answer all the questions. I'm not really sure about the inflation or max cap... let me see if I can find more info :)

Tnx for that, I am not really used to Telegram...

Thanks Charles for your awesome article.

I'm not currently using APPICS. My upstairs neighbour in the complex in which I live, she gave me her old smartphone as she has upgraded to a new one. I'll soon have a smartphone active to be able to download the APPICS app and so much more.

APPICS looks like an awesome site and I'm reading a lot of really positive comments in Steem articles and elsewhere. I've a feeling APPICS is going to be the one Steem app that'll explode this platform. Just hope the app developers have systems in place that can handle a 1000% increase in traffic over the next few months.

I'm really looking forward to posting pics from Wellington, New Zealand. Catch ya'll later when I'm active, and I'll keep curating and upvoting your pics on Steem.

That be awesome when you get started... Thanks for stopping my bossman :)

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Yeah - and now I am here with a separate account - keep on stackin amigo :-)